Thursday, October 28, 2010


meaning I am trying to get my Halloween cards completed and mailed or delivered. I am a last
minute person, always start out in plenty of time and then starts slowing down and I realize I have wasted time and am now playing "catch up".
This is a High Hopes stamp I ordered from Stamp and Create. She is called Standing Witchy Poo and I have the Sitting Witchy Poo. I just love High Hope stamps and I can always count on Stamp and Create to have them to me in less than a week, and bless her heart she always adds a little extra surprise goody in the envelope. Thank you Lacey! I need to get off here and finish my last two cards. Have a fun and safe Halloween with your kids!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Well I guess it was pretty hard to see the change on the previous post, as I forgot to upload the pic. So we try again.
Well as you can see, if you follow my blog, my craft room has had to go back to being a bedroom. Most of the makings are in the drawers and the bookcase, but the large table had to be taken out and replaced by a bed. I am in need of a roommate, even though I really don't want one. It just makes good financial sense to try and find someone to share expenses with me until I can rid myself of some bills, LOL. I will post some Halloween cards as soon as I receive my new stamps and get them made. Hoping they arrive in the mail today or tomorrow as I am running very close to the DAY.

Friday, October 22, 2010


If you haven't checked out Enfys blog you need to go look as she has a couple of new gifts of "candy" for a couple of lucky winners. Thank you Ens!