Saturday, September 26, 2009


Check out Bunny Zoe's blog for her most recent candy offer. Her link is under My Favorites on my sidebar.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Wow! Another candy offering from Cat Whiskers sponsored by Crafters Companion. Go check it out, you have a couple more days to enter. Pick up their links on my side bar.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Have been trying to get this on my blog for a couple of days, but computer not cooperating. Check out the stamp and candy being offered by Cat Whiskers,
Hope I remembered this right as my cut and paste is not working well either.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I love snail mail!!! One of the best parts of a day, e-mail is ok, but going to the mailbox and receiving a nice surprise has no comparison. Today I received a card for b-day from Chrisd in Michigan( I love her card, you pink people would be jealous! Hope my hip comes back to normal before much longer so I can post cards and gifts I have received. Hard to maneuver for everything still. I am walking a little bit on my own, but the leg is not yet strong enough to walk very far or return to work. Well I will try not to put it all on at once, not that much anyway. Have a blessed day and stay safe. Thanks to Curt for his comment in case I haven't mentioned it yet. Isn't he a great guy!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Oh my gosh, my last post didn't take and I had posted the generous candy giveaway from Cat Whiskers, for TODAY! jacqui/ I just checked and it is not yet closed off, but she is drawing later today, so if you hurry you just might be able to get in your name. HURRY!

A big thanks to Curt for his comment and well wishes, it was really appreciated. I am getting better every day. Walking with a cane when I venture out on a small errand (with a driver) and walk some what by myself around the house. Will be a blessing when this is finally all healed and I am back to normal. Keep well and keep things out of your walking areas in your homes!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Sorry everyone, especially to the person who is suppose to receive an August RAK from me. As soon as I am able to get into a vehicle and go out I am going to get this lovely person a few goodies. I probably won't be able to get a card done, as I really have no place to work and don't know where all my fun supplies are at this time. Everything has been moved out of my apartment so my granddaughter could move in to care for me during the day. Anyway SOON.

Also, while I was in Rehab I received my August RAK from Cyndi Kim of Honolulu. You cannot imagine how it brightened my day! I was so excited to open it. My roommate thought I had finally had a melt down. I opened it to find a tablet with a Hello Kitty cover, two kinds of ribbon embellishments, and a Milky Way White Galaxy Marker. And a cute card using a cupcake as a little house, using dsp, flower, dew drops. Said this was her first time raking, she did a spectacular job!! I am sorry I cannot put picture up, but my hip is a ways from being able to do to much of anything yet. Hope I can catch up and post in a few weeks. Thank you Cyndi!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hi everyone! I have been unactive on my blog due to work schedule and THEN on 8/7 when I was home alone for the weekend with one son gone and the other one on his honeymoon, I took a bad fall in my home and fractured my hip. I could not get up or move or anything, my phone was out of reach. Fortunately for me I had not closed my outside door and finally began calling for help, after awhile I started to panic and yelling, Please can someone help me. Finally a neighbor heard the call and yelled "where are you?" I yelled back I was behind 1413 and she needed to come through the fence to the open back door. She arrived with a friend and took one look and started dialing for an ambulance. Then she located my cell phone and called the only person I thought and hoped would be available. One of my 18 year old granddaughters who lived a couple of blocks away.
She was home and was still on her cell when she flew through the door. The ambulance had also arrived. Let me tell you "do not fall and fracture or break a hip". The EMTs had to use the scoop to get me off the floor and onto the stretcher. Had quite a time getting me scooped. They kept apologizing for my pain. But, finally in the bus and on the way to hospital. Eventually x-rayed and sent to surgery. Don't remember much about being in the hospital, too drugged. On Sunday I was transferred to a Rehab Center and just released yesterday for home. Have to have a home health aide and a rehab therapist come in for a few weeks and it will take a good 6-12 months for complete healing. Will have to try and find a way to trade my truck for a car with a seat I can just slide into, probably no more wearing heels, etc. Anyway I am on my way back, but I have been moved back into the main house and now I do not know where ANYTHING is, so I don't know when I can start doing my cards again. But, I will still be checking everyone's blogs and loving all your posts. Take good care of yourselves!!!!