Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Wow, the day we have all been waiting for with much anticipation!

Sorry I have been missing again, but without going into it I have had a few small health issues and have been very, very tired and laid back. 

Julia we so appreciate all the work you have done in order to keep this fun Blog going for 4 years!

I have done another three cards from the once a month classes Lynn from our home park has been having this year.  These are the last ones until she returns from her Northern home in New York for winter season.  I also took another short sit/take home from Joey Long of Keeton's Office & Art Supplies, an ATC done with some foil.  Am taking a paid class from her in another couple of weeks.
First is a bouquet of flowers stamped, colored with colored ink embossing pens, and cut out with an Cuttlebug cutout rectangle embossed and along side the sentiment is "just because..." and is left blank inside, the second is the sailboat with the sails on pop up dots and the sails are embossed and a sentiment inside, and third is the four lay flower with the enter having thread woven around the petals and an embossed stem and se cannot see it but the green is cut along the top to represent grass.

Sorry this came out sideways and I don't have time to figure out how to get it turned.  The pic does not do it justice, it is very bright and sparkly in person.  Have fun everyone.
Oooops forgot to show "desk".  No work in progress today.  Stack of paper, magazine, double stick tape, and I finally broke down and bought a Pro Glide since they are making a smaller version, a stamp, mini glue dots, glue pen, computer, cuppa coffee, camera, cell phone, and a congratulations card hidden under a small legal tablet, heat gun 

Saturday, May 25, 2013


This is just an entry to see if I can get something posted.  I have been having quite a time with the set up blogger now has for us.  HATE IT!  I have spent hours trying to get postings on for WOYWW and I really want to do the ATC swap for Julia's 4th Anniversary post coming up.  So here goes for trying to post this.