Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WOYWW - 2011 - #83

Good morning to those of you in my part of the world and to those of you that are well into your day already, I hope you are having a great day. Well as you can see my table is a tad messed up today with my working on my grandson's Navy deployment pictures, from 2 yrs. ago. He just returned from 2nd. deployment and will be home on leave next week.
His brother is flying to Norfolk on Friday morning to spend a couple of days and will then drive back with him. On New Year's Eve as #2 grandson was riding his bike home from work in the wee hours of the morning his billfold popped out of his pocket (unknown at the time) and he has looked for it for a few days and no find. So since he now had NONE of the I.D.'s and no social security card we spent a lot of time trying to gather up the documents he needed to get them replaced. (what a totally and frustrating system we have to do this, it is all a Catch 22. If you don't have this you can't get your I.D./driver's license and if you don't have that you can't get a replacement social security card). We finally got it all together, we hoped and off we went yesterday to get it all done. What a mission! Tried to be first in line so we started out early and went to the closest office, WHAT THEY MOVED!! So off we go to the next office, changed opening hours, went to the next one not open yet either. Finally got one that was open and since we had not yet been to social security yet we could not get the I.D. So off we go now to SSA office, mind you we are driving in huge circles all over the county. Social Security Office is packed as usual. He sees how many people and says I'm going home and call and make an appointment for Thursday. I said,"oh no you aren't. We have been at this for 3 hrs. and we are doing it today. If you wait until Thursday and there is a problem you will not have time to straighten it out and fly out on Friday morning. Fortunately they were moving pretty fast and we only had to wait 20 minutes, it is usually about a 2 hr. wait for your turn. Ok we got the SS letter. Off we go to the DMV-Tax Collector Office (easier to get these things there then going to the actual DVM). So we go to the closest, ooops we have to go get his Dad to sign a proof of residency letter. Now back to one of the offices and it is packed by now. Waited about half an hour and got the I.D. Well no matter where you want to go in Florida you are never near it!!! And the number of stop lights is disgusting!! That is where all my gas goes. Well it only took us 6 hours to get this all done. If he ever loses again.........
Well if you made it through all of that thanks! Well now Friday I get to take him to Tamps International and I hate driving there. I always miss the proper turns and end up driving around the entire terminal(s) about 3 times before I get it right and the cars behind you don't care that you are freaking out, they are right on your rear end. So wish me luck! Well I guess that is enough ranting for the week.
If you want to see some other nifty work desks drop over to see the list of us having fun peeking at Julia's blog, I did make it to everyone last week, but as usual could not get a comment left on just a handful, it's word verification problems. Hope you all have a great week! And a big thank you to Spyder who explained how to resize her digi's!!!



What a fabulous setting you have to work in and the gorgeous table to work on.

Phew - what palavar you have had getting all that sorted - persistance pays off in the end. Good luck finding the right terminal at Tampa.

I see that his brother is flying to Norfolk on Friday - shame you can't too - as I live in Norfolk and would have made you a nice cup of tea and a cream cake- to calm your nerves, but methinks your nerves would be even more stressed as I live in Norfolk UK in the village where Abraham Lincolns family lived - until they up sticks and left for New England and were founders of a new village with the same name - well it's a town now!

Nice 'meeting' you


Life is never simple is it! Have a great week!


Hi there, thanks for your comment on my Blog - journal wrecking is such great fun - google Wreck The Journal by Kerri Smith - you have to be brave but its all worth it!


What a pickle! Hope life becomes a bit simpler - get crafting it helps!
Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

Julia Dunnit

Well you've had to be patient and tolerant.. I love it when you get there and the person involved takes one look at the queue and wants to leave - we did that at the cinema over the holidays! You seem to craft extremely tidily to me, I guess you know what you're doing as you set up. I never, ever do!


It all looks very tidy there to me.

Sorry you had so much hassle getting everything sorted out. No.2 grandson is very lucky to have your help with getting everything replaced; I hope you got a big hug at the end of it.

Bernie #17


Lesson learned for your son...leave the S.S. card at home! Doesn't need to be carried in the wallet. I hear you about the mess you had to go through...not fun. Don't even get me started. Happy WOYWW! #7


I felt tired just reading about all that you had to do to get things sorted out. What wonderful support you gave to your grandson, you're one great granny!
Your desk doesn't look too messy either!
Happy New Year !


Better sew a lock on that wallet! Course lesson learned and I'll be he'll never do that again (at least he won't tell you about it if he does ;) My DH DL had to be renewed last week and wasn't that a joke. They wouldn't pass his paperwork because he had to show his ss card - he hasn't had an actual card for 30 years and now he's not a legit American? Say what? I can totally empathize w/your story. Never saw workers take so many breaks either. Okay, I better stop before i get gonged. Have a happy New Year and congrats on that grandson vitit!

Mrs A.

My what a tale youve had to tell. My head hurts now. Lucky for me my No 2 grandson is only 2yrs old!!!

sandra de

No. 2 Grandson is very lucky to have you.
Sandra #66


What a time you've had.
Thank you for your caring comments yesterday. I'm pleased to say the sciatica seems much improved today and I'm actually able to tackle some sewing :-)
A x


Bureaucracy has only one mission in it's life and that is to destroy the soul of every person it touches! You have my sympathy. I (and my husband)have an appointment with the US Immigration service on Jan 26th to get our Green Cards renewed...... so we'll see how that goes!! Hope your week improves.

Brenda 83


A very tidy workspace.

What a runaround you had getting things sorted out !



Thanks for your comment on my blog - Journal Wrecking is rebellion it encourages you to do things you should not do to a book and to be creative with it thus leading you to doing journalling and altering books. Its great. It liberates you of all your inhibitions of respecting books! Just open at any page and carry out that task and have fun doing it in whatever creative or destructive way you want.


What a complicated little scenario...we seem to have things easier in the UK, I think.........#
Sue xx 50


Sounds too complicated for me! LOL
xoxo Sioux


That was a seriously busy day! You gotta get some quiet craft time in now....thx for visiting me....*smile*


You have a very organized crafting area! Looks lovely!
What a lot of hassle to replace the i.d. ! Luckily he had you there to help him out!
Thanks for the visit!
xoxo Karen


Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #23

Deborah Frings

What a lot of stress to get the ID sorted!! I do like your desk - a nice place to craft. Check out my OLW35 post for the finished project!! Thanks for sharing your desk.

akilli melek

glad you got it sorted in the end, what a load of red tape!

Hope your week is an easier one this week.

thanks for dropping by earlier.
caroline #53


What a run around you've had. Enjoyed the peek. Thanks for visiting me. Kathleen x


Wow, lots going on in your life and on your table. Thanks for the peek.

Handmade with Love

Goodness you have been busy! Your table looks very neat and organised. Have a good weekend! Tracey x

MaggieC (Silvercrafter)

Hope you have finished all your stressing and dealing with "jobsworth" red tape people. you do have a very tidy workspace.


Yikes! That turned out to be rather complicated, huh? Your table looks creatively fabulous!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or not at the problems you ran into. I agree that our system is flawed. I always say that these people are paid by the government and that explains it all. Glad your lines moved fairly quickly. That was a bit of luck. Probably due to the holidays.

I was visiting a friend in Tampa one time and he took me to the airport on the major highway/interstate. He cut across THREE lanes to reach the turnoff that led to the airport. I swear I thought I was going to be in a wreck before I got to the terminal. However, I guess that's how people drive in FL. Good luck. Happy WOYWW on Friday from a rather late #16.


Oh dear - red tape and paperwork must be the same the whole world over. I thought at the end you were going to say and after all that someone handed his billfold back!

Hope you enjoy your time with your other grandson when he gets home on leave - make sure he buttons up his pockets - lol.

Thanks for already stopping by my desk.

Sherry (82)

Sunshine Girl

Gosh what a busy day you had - I am worn out just reading it! Love your desk - thanks for commenting on my blog too.


I wouldn't call that desk messed up hehe, you should see mine now after I took the photo on Wednesday and oh boy what a run around to replace a billfold (not entirely sure what that is, but sounds important), thank you for visiting my workspace, have now brought another set of die's as I didnt realise about the different sizes so my circles didn't fit with the scallops, oh well never mind, learnt something new from that experience hehe :)

Suzilou #118

peggy aplSEEDS

oh my, how stressful! i thought i would only have to do this sort of thing for my children. i didn't realize i would have to do it for grandchildren too! i hope he figures out a way to keep his billfold from popping out again! you have a lovely workspace, and so neat. happy WOYWW!

Vicki B in OP NY

How wonderful for you to have completed your mission. That is what is important - but the story is one of frustration with "the system." That is usually the case. You are a loving and special grandmother.
Vicki, A little Inkling

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