Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WOYWW - #64

Good morning Wednesday people. I had this all typed and then a glitch, so trying again. I did get around to everyone's desk last week. It took me until very late Friday night, so you can imagine I didn't do much else all week. I am always amazed at how different and yet so alike we all seem to be with our fun. I was unable to open 3 sites - Wipso I have never been able to open yours and I can't think of the other two right now. They pop up and then fly right away and I get a pop up and I will have to write down what it says for you. Bad Memory.
Well I guess my table doesn't look that bad. To the left is the envelop ready to mail to OWH, to the right of that is another project that I need to start as a gift (it is a wall hanging) and who knows when that will be completed, a card just completed for the Feb. festival sale, and some more cards for festival, at the top of the desk are a few of my colored pencils, a pencil holder that I keep things I can never find like my exacto, blender pens, you get the idea. As you can see I have added some cork squares above the desk and have put up some of the OCS cards I have received over the year. I put up the squares and came back a while later and they had all fallen off the wall. Oh Boy! I thought if this are falling down empty what will happen when I start handing things on them. Put them back up and pressed really, really hard on the corners and so far they have not fallen down again. Cross my fingers! Have a great week and enjoy your run through all the desks.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WOYWW - #63

Hi everyone!! I hope Mr. Blogger is not made at me this week. I understand many of you were unable to use the comment section. A BIG thank you to those that either e-mailed me or went on the previous post to comment. How wonderful! I don't know about the computer today, it seems to be acting up already for me. Well there is not a big change on my desk today as I have been very busy typing up legal papers for a couple of people and I attended my first group meeting for my new business selling Gold Canyon Candles (they have other products also). I have my personal website set up and will put it on my sidebar, in case anyone is interested. I do need to check with the home office as I do not know if we can sell outside the states. It is probably going to be a matter of whether to they ship direct or not outside, other then Hawaii and maybe our territories.

You can see another stack of cards completed for sale at a festival and OWH. There are two H.M. images on my clipboard just about ready to place on cards. My Gold Canyon catalog, most of the rest is the usual. Hopefully by the end of the week I can get back to my cards.

I did make it around to everyone's blog, but did not leave a comment on everyone's due to time constrictions. I just want everyone to know I do see you desks, room, creations, etc. even if I do not comment. Everyone is so much more creative then me. I just can't seem to get passed doing simple cards. I keep hoping that part of me will kick in one of these days. Take care of yourselves and I will probably not start hopping around until evening. Have to go out and give my money away to those lenders and deliver the legal papers, you know all the unfun stuff in life. Take care and hope you all have a lovely rest of the week.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Wags 'n Whiskers is having a big Blog Hop & RELEASE. Get yourselves over to their blog and get all the information.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WOYWW - #62

Good morning, well afternoon in the UK. Well another peek at my work desk Wednesday for those that are checking. I have been fighting with my computer this morning and this is not good as I have a lot of Sorority work to be done on here today and getting my WOYWW pics up. It is raining and cooled off for a while this morning. Go to Julia's blog to find out all about WOYWW,

I finally made it around to everyone's desks last night, but I did not leave a comment for everyone as I would never make it through the list. So hopefully everyone gets a comment at one point or another. Thank you so much for those that left me comments, after all that is one of the fun things about posting.

On my desk today, yes it is messy today folks, is the Navy album for my Grandson of his basic training and his first deployment. He is NOW on his second deployment. I just noticed there are only about 4 pages left in this album and I have about 400 pics to put in it. Oh, oh - not a good thing. Guess I need to add pages, which I hate doing, or buy another album. Also, are cards added to my stack of cards for the festival to sell and cards completed for my next pack to OWH. Had to clean off the cardtable as I have my samples for Gold Canyon Candles and am awaiting my paperwork and website for this new adventure. Will list my website on sidebar when completed, just in case anyone wants to order candles as Christmas presents, etc. Enough about that. Next I have to completed some work for Beta Sigma Phi and post it to them. Among all of you there must be a least one Beta Sigma Phi sister, let me know who you are please. Will start visiting after I complete my BSP work. Have a great day and thanks for dropping by to see me.

Friday, August 6, 2010


everyone. Some of you have are just starting your weekend and over here there are still a few hours to go before they can jump up and down for joy. I had a sorority meeting last night and we are working hard on the program and skit for the birthday dinner for Beta Sigma Phi. Just finished packing and filling out the custom form for a care package to my grandson, which my sorority helps fill as a community service. I always cringe when they tell me the postage!

The lovely card is from my July OCS partner, Myra. I love the color combination and the flowers and the center embellishment. Is it not a great card? She also included a couple of small stamps which are designed/made in Hawaii (a little monkey and his slice of watermelon and of course because she loves turtles the other is a cute little turtle and also some ribbon to the right. Sorry this is such a dark pic. Thank you so much Myra! Well I have too many irons in the fire right now and had better get a couple of them done today, so you all have a blessed and happy weekend with your families.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


My thanks to Sandra who brought to my attention that MY "word verification" was on. I had it off, but as some of you know my computer has been a great pain the past couple of months and perhaps the techie put it on. I don't really know, but I have put it back in the NO position. If anyone finds it is still on at some point, please comment or send me an e-mail and let me know. Thanks again Sandra.

Also, my U.K. clock is on military time, so if you have never been in the service or worked a job where it is used it will confuse you. At midnight it is 00 hours, 1:00 a.m. is 0100 hours and so forth until noon which is 1200 hours, 1:00 p.m. becomes 1300 hours, and so on as you add 12:00 p.m. plus the normal hour, sorry if you are totally confused now, but best I can do with explanation without doing a 24 line explanation. Have a great day and thank you for your comments, your support is giving me the energy I need to do more.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WOYWW - #61

Good morning everyone, guess it is afternoon in the UK. Since I managed to get my first post on a Tuesday somehow, I went and found a time clock showing UK time and is now on my blog, LOL. Hopefully this will keep me on track with the actual day of the week and time.

I managed to get around and look at everyone's desks, unfortunately I did not leave comments for everyone. It took me about 3 days to just look and read them all and I really hate the word verification, they are so time consuming and I end up having to do them 2-3 times before the comment takes. Have no idea why. So enough blathering. Here is my work area this morning. I have just finished the scarecrow which is going on a card for "Operation Write Home", the small stack of cards on the upper right is for OWH; the stack below them are being put together as a fundraiser in March, there is another piece (the heart) which is going on another OWH card, I have all of my colored pencils, nesties, well you can see it has some work on it today. I confess I do take the images and color while I watch TV. Oh there is a stack of uncolored images generously mailed to me by Curt (Curt's World) to use for kid cards for OWH as I don't have a lot of stamps suitable for small children. Curt's the best and I thank him so much for helping me out. Have a great day and thanks for looking!!

So many of you left comments for me and I really appreciate it and I got so many ideas checking out all of you.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


On my last post I told you I had taken in two dogs that were running loose. A lady finally saw my "Found" poster on the door at the local 7/11 store and called me and gave me the street where she thought they belonged. She did not know exactly which house, so yesterday I got in my car and went looking on this street, thankfully, it was deadend two block area. I found a neighbor outside and asked if they recognized the description of the dog, actually I asked two different people. They both said the guy lets the dogs run on weekends. Got the house number and let them know I had the dogs and my phone number. About 5:30 p.m. a young lady called and asked if I had the dogs and she came right over and got them. I politely let her know that most of the people where I live would have called Animal Control, which obviously the owners never called to see if they had them. And if they had called they would have found out I had the dogs and the A.C. would have given them my number. Seems the dogs are wandering further and furthe from home each time. Right behind my house is a very busy highway and we have many accidents and roadkill everyday. So I explained that now that they knew where my house was located and I would take them in I hoped they would not return as I would have no choice but to call Animal Control. I just really wanted to get across to this family that if they

cared at all about these dogs they were going to have to take better care of them.

So no more sagas for awhile, believe me with a dog and cat of my own it was quite enough as they could NOT be put together at all. All is well. This is a terrible pic of the dogs, they just would not stay still, if they weren't jumping around, they were climbing on me - they really are so much cuter then this picture.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Just a nice lazy Sunday, hot again. Yesterday two little dogs were running loose and I like a fool brought them into my screened porch hoping I could find their owners. They are so cute, but barkers and I already have a barker of my own. So last night was a nightmare. Every little noise set all three dogs off. I am going to try and get a pic to put on here, if they will stay in one place long enough, HA!

Isn't this little Enjoy card just the cutest? I had mentioned I didn't have but a couple of images to use for kids cards for Operation Write Home and our great friend Curt sent me some to color for some of my cards. A great big heartfelt hug to Curt! He i s always there to help others.
Tried for a good pic, what a chore! The dogs would NOT stay still, jumping all over me, running around, finally gave up trying to get a decent cute picture, but I did get one. Will wait until sometime tomorrow and try and get a better one to post. Riding to Northport with my girlfriend to pick up something she bought on E-bay, about a 45 min. drive so if the little darlins are still here will try for better picture or post what I have taken. One way or another they have to leave. I have my hands full with my own pets. Really don't want to turn over to the shelter!! They haven't been on the loose long. One has a collar, but no tag, the little one has nothing, but looks like she had pups recently and I hope she doesn't have babies looking for her. They are very well taken care of and well groomed. Put poster at my club house and have looked for Lost posters in stores in area, and put on Craig's List. Can't believe no one is looking for them. Well enough is this going on and on. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.