Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WOYWW - 107

Hi everyone, finally back to get in on WOYWW. For those of you who do no know about WOYWW itis a fun blog day where anyone wishing to participate can go to Julia's blog ( and show a picture of their work surface with whatever they may be currently working . I have not been on for a couple of weeks as I have been working on my family history again. I have a granddaughter who is having her 20th birthday party this Sunday (and the other gd. turned 20 in May), so I am putting together all the family history I have gathered through the years. I have traced my origins on both sides of my parents back to Ireland and Scotland. I am still in search of where John Hill originated. I thought Ireland, but cannot prove it yet. Anyway here is my table with most of the paperwork and books, there is more scattered about. Last night I had to walk away from it since after awhile of looking at it it seems to get confusing. So until next week, I wish for all of you a great and happy week.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WOYWW - #105

Good morning everyone. It's been awhile since I participated on WOYWW, you know how sometimes life just takes over for a bit. I have been moving around and checking everyone out, just not taking a lot of time to leave comments. If you have stumbled upon my blog and do not know what WOYWW is all about need to check out Julia's blog, On Wednesdays we all show pictures of the various stages and workings of our desks. It is awesome to see how these crafters from around the world work, organize, etc. each week.

I am sorry to say I was unable to participate in the 2nd. Anniversary event, but am looking forward to see what everyone made and exchanged with their partner.

This is my dinning room table and I am beginning to bring out different supplies for my monthly sorority meeting on Thursday. We hope to have enough time to get some more cards made for Operation Write Home. I have some images already colored for those that think they have no talent at all and would rather just put the cards together. Silly gals! I also have the cards cut and folded for them and some images for those that want to color and do the whole thing from beginning to end. No matter the level we always seem to get a lovely stack of cards made and sent off. Have a great week and I will visit as many as I can get to this weekend.

Iam happy to report my friends were not affected by the terrible tornados. They got wind and rain but were on the southern edge of the storms.
I am back in here AGAIN, trying to correct this posting. Don't know what is going on with it, hope it is blogger and not my computer.