Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WOYWWW - #82

Well happy after Christmas and awaiting a new year! I am posting late in the day for me as I have a little job each day this week taking care of my friends' dog and two cats while they are on vacation. The doggie left me nasty presents Monday and Tuesday, but not today thank goodness. She has the same vanilla carpet as I and a "nasty" can be cleaned, but it takes time and the proper cleaning products. I have pee pads all over the place. I think Daphne is a little annoyed to be left home alone with the kitties. Anyway they are sweet and they know me so all is well.

My crafts are slowly edging their way out of the bedroom. Since my grandson is now back in the States from deployment he will be coming home on leave and I am so very, very far behind in his first deployment scrapbook, about two years, and I am feeling badly about it. So you see his scrapbook, my Cricut, as I want to write out the country name for a heading for each section.. My fruit/cake stand is full of my Elizabeth Bell stamps (used at Christmas), and my Christmas present to myself, a Butler Bag. I am still trying to get all of my special holiday plates, etc. back into their places and a pickup around the house. Good thing I live alone, although I am a little fanatic about "everything has a place and should be in its place" when not in use.

I did make it around to everyone last week, but a few would not take my comment, so if you did not receive one it is not because I didn't try. Have a safe and Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


There is a nice big candy up for grabs at see the gift box on my sidebar. Will be drawn on 1/1/11. Check out her blog for all the details. Good luck.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I managed to get to everyone's desks last week! Left comments on most of them. If I had to try and post my comment more then twice I moved on to the next.

This is not my work space of course. It has been put completely out of sight on the spare bed, now also piled with presents, so in checking the temp today I took a very poor pic of the outside of my front door The wreath on the railing has a tall birdhouse built as a church sitting to the right. No I have never had any birds as it usually is decorating some room in the house. So in loo of a desk pic I thought I would share this true story with you and hope my girl friend does not mind. When she was 3 yrs. old she woke up Christmas morning and ran to the tree. Her Mom was in the kitchen and C. went running in excitedly to tell her Mom to come quick and see what Santa had left under the tree. Her mother had given birth 10 days before (and back then you had to stay in the hospital for 10 days and also the baby had a small breathing problem), so the baby was not allowed to leave the hospital until Christmas Eve night. Now C's grandfather had been telling her that once the new baby arrived she would no longer be the little princess, which annoyed Mom a whole lot. She thought long and hard about how to counteract all the put downs about the arrival of the new baby. She did not want C. to be jealous. She finally had the thought that one could not be jealous of something you owned. So you guessed it - when the baby was brought home he was placed under the tree. So now as they are oooing and ahing over the baby, C. looks up at her Mom in her 3 yr. old innocence and asks if she has to take care of the baby all by herself? Mom smiled and told her she would help her. I loved C's mom like she was my own and she is now gone. This was the first time C. told me the whole story of her Christmas brother and it was so, so cute I just had to share. I hope you got a warm feeling, a smile on your face, and a little chuckle. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WOYWW - #80

Well it is Wednesday again and it is time to play Ms. Dunnit's game. Drop over to her blog to find out what it is all about - It is so much fun to snoop out everyone. Well I found time to change my U.K. clock and now it has disappeared and I can't remember where I got the darn thing to begin in the first place. Oh well, I'll run across it sometime.

Sorry for the very poor picture, very late at night. To the left is my brand new score buddy, finally. I also ordered some liquid applique and a bow easy, all from Gina K. This is actually a TV tray that I carry back and forth to the table, there are about three different kinds of colored pencils, cardstock, my clipboard for coloring when watching TV, colored and design paper, actually all just thrown together.

Well I have put the cards on the back burner for the next week or so as there are other things claiming they come first right now. So I am dumping everything on the spare bedroom until I can put away in proper place (ha!) or bring back out to the table. So nothing exciting here, but I appreciate it when you stop by anyway.

It is 35 degrees outside right now. Yes I know to most of you that probably sounds warm. I am from the mid-west originally so I know bad winter weather, but after living in Florida since 1996 the body changes and doesn't take well to the lower temps. Fortunately it doesn't stick around very long. Very smart of me to keep my nice winter coat, etc.

Sorry I couldn't get around to everyone last week, I think I made abut half the list and thanks to those that dropped by to visit me. Keep warm where ever you live!

Monday, December 13, 2010

U.K. Clock

When I have time I will look at the clock on by Blog. I guess I use this one because I am so use to using military time,which runs from 0001 after midnight and after you get to 12:00 noon you add one hour for 1:00p.m. which becomes 1300 hrs., 2:00 p.m. becomes 14 hrs., etc., so at midnight you are now at 24 hrs.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Enfys is offering another set of Promarkers as a fabulous candy, so go check out her blog for all the details.

WOYWW - #79

Oh my gosh, is it Wednesday already? I don't have anything to show differently then last week as far as my work space goes. I have finished my cards and am now into the "getting ready for the parties" cooking and baking phase of December. Sorority Council party is this Thursday eve and our Chapter party is Sunday, husband's invited. We allow them to attend once a year, whether they want to or not. LOL We have a potluck and exchange of gifts and everyone has a great evening out. We seem to be in our Winter phase in Florida this week. Not as bad as up North, but cold for Florida. I can take a few days of it and then I am ready to get a little bit warmer. NOT hot, just comfortable mind you.

As usual I forgot to take pics of my cards before sealing them up, don't know why I do that time after time. This is very pastel and hard to see on here. It is an image by Elizabeth Bell. The background paper is a delicate lavendar and chalk sponging around the image. The next pic is my "Christmas Tree" this year. I quit putting up a real tree a couple of years ago since I am now the only one in the house and Christmas has been being held at one of my sons' homes. Although it is back at my house this year. WHAT? I have a designer tree from our gift shop the Rustic Rose in the middle, the gumdrop tree and candy ribbon tree I bought at the Merry Workshop, and the little wire trees with bells for ornaments are little gifts for my sorority sisters (not my exchange gift), and the two stuffed snowmen laying there are going on boxes of cookies for our two legacies (girls too young to join the sorority yet), but we incude them in some activities a couple of times a year. So if you don't know about WOYWW pop over to and see what all the fun is about on Wednesdays.