Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WOYWW - 210

This will probably be a short post.  Better then last week when I lost Wednesday totally!  Also was waiting for my ATC to arrive so I could post it.  Not much going on this week.  Looks like we across the middle of the U.S. could have major, major storms.  Predicting it could affect many millions of people across a 10 state area.  Hope not - I think we have had enough.  Well on to better things.

First is my lovely ATC from Kate P.  Thank you Kate and it is done in all my favorite colors.  I am always amazed by all of different styles, types, IDEAS of all involved..  Don't know why I should be surprised when there are so many talented people on WOYWW. 


Now for the ATC I received from Ria in return for the ATC I sent here as my partner.  I did not expect her to send me one back - BUT, I happy she was so thoughtful.  I love it as it has techniques I have been afraid to try and a style I have never tried.  Thank you Ria!

Lastly are three ATCs I did for my sorority sisters to carry in their purse.  It is a take off on my ATC from our swap anniversary.

That's all for this week.  And a big thank you to Julia for another great upcoming year of WOYWW.  Will visit as many of you as I can.  Have a great weekend.



That is such a pretty ATC design you came up with! Love Rias colours in hers too. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #36 xxx

ria gall

So glad you liked the ATC that is one of my fav stamps that I used on it and I love doing those backgrounds.
Love the one you sent to me it is stored safely in my ATC holder.
Happy WOYWW and I hope you have a great week
Ria #42


Your ATC collection has grown and you did get some lovely ones and also made some nice ones - I still have a few extra so if you would like one tell me and I will send one over!
Hope you won't get any horrible storms!
Lots of hugs


beautiful atc's! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week! Vickie #26

Nan G

Hullo neighbor! :) You've received some lovely ATCs. Everyone participating is so talented! I really like the ones you made too. Yep we had a gulley washer. Major infra-structure road work blocked the storm drains so water couldn't get down to the lake, it backed up and collapsed the streets! We had 5" in less than two hours! Hope all is well by you. Thanks for the visit. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #8


You received some lovely ATCs.
Have a great weekend.

Julie Lee

Sorry this is so late! I've been blogging 2 months and still finding my way around Blogland! Thank you for stopping by my blog - lovely to make your acquaintance. I do so hope the storms don't hit you where you are. I love your atcs and the one Ria sent you; it's such fun to peek at the different things people create, all so individual. Hope to stop by you earlier next Wednesday! Julie Ann xx


Hi - thanks for stopping by - yes my sister and I thought it was hilarious fighting over sheet music - but we were really just hamming it up - like we always do nowadays - life is too short to worry about the little stuff... hugs Mxx #25


Hope those storms never materialise for you all. Seems a big area that they predict them for. Not good!
Lovely atc's - I love the colours Kate chose and the banner looks fab! Now what were those techniques Ria used?
Enjoy sharing your cards with your sorority sisters. They will love them.
Hugs, Neet xx


I'm glad you liked my ATC. you have been busy making them too . It's a very addictive hobby isn't it. Sorry i am late getting around to folk this week. Must try harder! Kate x #62


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