Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well I have decided to take the plunge and participate on What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. Not a great pic, took from the door into room. I just cleaned up the desk on the left from all of the cards for OWH, which have been mailed, my card to my grandson, and my July OCS. Card table has various papers, cards I have received, etc. and will be glad when it is all sorted out. The three drawer plastic drawers hold rubber stamps, ink pads; the dresser is full of cardstock, DP, stamp sets, and the top holds a bin for 12 X 12 papers, a basket of some of my ribbons, one for flowers, pearls, and the like.. The binder holds my cling stamps, indexed. I have a few storage boxes in two closets yet to find a home in this room. My punches are on a shelf not shown in the picture on the left wall. Next week will not be so picked up as am starting a new bunch for OWH and am working on notecards for a festival to be sold as a fund raiser for my sorority.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Thank you so much for those that leave comments for me!! The card today was cased from one of Gina K's videos last week. I had to use what I had so I used my nesties for the sentiment. And I love this shade of gold/yellow and I think it was my last sheet. Had the packs for a long time and I think it came from a Stampin' Up pack. Hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun putting it together. This card is pretty quick to put together once you have all the parts ready. Well I love it anyway. Think I will send one to my Navy guy just because the color is so cheerful. Maybe it will hold him over until we can get his care package put together & sent. Hot, hot, hot outside today and I am trying to wait until the sun goes down before I venture out to do anything. We are having our daily late afternoon or early evening rains and it usually cools it down a few degrees at night. Ahhh Paradise!

Friday, July 23, 2010


If you haven't visited Brenda's blog, Floral Fantasies ( you need to go and read all about it. It sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun for all of us, while she is away on holiday. I'd post the pics, but my computer is so skittish lately I try not to push it's little computer brain to much. I'll be checking it out again tomorrow and all of the nine days, intrigued yet?

Raining most of the day, probably coming over to the west coast of Florida from the east side, where the storm came in this morning. Haven't checked the news lately to see what is happening. I did a little run for some stamping supplies & have been working in my OCS card (done - I think) and one for my sailor grandson. He says he never gets mail - I told him the computer does not take the place of a written note or letter and if a person wants to receive snail mail, they need to be sending their own out. Well we all know how far that will go, but since I am such a "nice & loving Grandma and an easy touch", I will send him a special card. Have a wonderful and fun weekend everyone.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Good morning and what a beautiful day it is out there. Will probably be in the 90's again, but the sun is shining and it is gorgeous. Received an e-mail from my grandson in the Navy and he said everyone is receiving care packages. Yikes, I seem to have forgotten about the care package for this deployment. Shame on me!! Called my sorority sisters and gave them a heads up about pulling some items together and get them sent. It takes a long time for mail to get to the ship so we need to get busy. He asked for snick snacks, magazines, books, Monster Energy Drink. Told him I didn't think the cans would go through customs, but someone must be getting away with sending. Besides I think the shipping cost would be more then we could manage. So will send the boxes of Crystal Light, etc. you know the little tubes you can add to your water.

Here are a couple of cards for Organization Write Home for the next box. Oh my, I need to go to the post office today or tomorrow with the box that is already done. Can't seem to stay caught up any more. The image is a stamps from a package of freebies I received with one of my card making magazines - Bently Bears. The second card has a computer generated sentiment - You're On My Mind. added after I took the pic. Have a great day folks. Leave me some love.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


everyone. Looks like Stampin Up is having a blog hop this weekend - VC Rocks, so check out the blog. Kath has a lovely heart box on Penny Black Saturday Challenge, all the gals have outdone themselves once again. Waiting for Elisabeth Bell to post the winner of her candy today. Sure would do my heart good to receive and I would share with a good friend if I ever did. My kitchen is still minus a working fridge. Have done my pet sitting for the morning and will return this evening and then one more day. They all come to see who is coming in to the house and then return to their favorite spot or go into hiding, they are so funny.

Hmmm, Dulcie is whining to go outside, so better take her before she decides to do a naughty. Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


After problems with my laptop, AGAIN; and trial and error I have managed to get one of the new Suzanne Woolcott headers/background on my blog. Hope I spelled her last name correctly. Ya just gotta love her designs and her stamps. Hope you like.

Well the freezer section of my fridge just died and I think the fridge part is going or gone also. Good thing I only had two things in the freezer. Guess I will get out my cooler and buy ice until I can figure out how to get a new fridge. Always something and life goes on. Have a great Thursday.


Wouldn't you know, I took off my header and column design, BEFORE checking to get my new design picked out. That website is currently off line for maintenance and so I now have to wait for it to come off maintenance. Do not know for how long. If to long I may have to go another route will give them a couple of days.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have been having a problem getting a direct link on here for Elisabeth Bell's blog, so will type it here: I do not know why, but clicking on this takes me to a
Road Runner page? When I type it in as the url address it takes me to the blog. I am weary trying to figure out why, so just type it in.

Have a great Sunday. It is warm today, but doesn't seem to be as hot as it has been, or maybe that is wishful thinking. I am working on some note cards to sell after the first of the year at a community festival this weekend and after I get a few of them done I need to get another box ready for Operation Write Home. I know there are several of you that also support our troops through this organization, thanks to you all.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


If you have not been to visit Elisabeth Bell's Blog you had better check it out as she is once again offering a more than generous Candy as pictured above. You have until 11:59 p.m. Arizona time, July 16th to enter, bet it will be a long list as we all love her sweet images. Good luck everyone, one of us is going to be very excited on the 17th. I have tried to get her link on my blog, but it is not taking it so far. I will try and get it on here tomorrow. I am tired of fighting blogger, my computer, or me for right now, sorry folks.


A funny thing happened to me yesterday taking the dog out for its morning outing. I used the side door to take her out, mind you now I am still in my nightgown, and set the closed in porch door so it would not shut and lock. OF COURSE, something went wrong and the door closed! Here I am with all doors locked, no windows open so I can take the screen out. I knew the inside kitchen door to the porch was unlocked, so I found a sharp stone and cut the screen out of one of the porch windows that were open, moved the recycle bin under the window, crossed my fingers and prayed that I could climb up on the bin and get my leg in the window (mind you I broke my right hip just about a year ago) and not take a bad fall. Well I got my leg in and now I am half way in and my right leg is not touching the floor and I am not feeling to good about sitting halfway in on a sharp window frame, so I just very slowly kept inching my way over and finally made it onto the porch. Usually I have an extra key down the street at my friend's house just in case, but here I am in my nightgown. I came right in and found an extra key that I am now going to have to find a hiding place outside and get my side door fixed so it doesn't lock on me. I know you all can relate to this, who hasn't done it at least once, oh ok so you haven't.

My son is suppose to come over and put a new screen in my front door, oh boy wait until he finds out I ripped apart two more to get into the house. Look out retirement home, here I come.

I hope to be able to get a new background on my site and some cards over the weekend. Been so long since I redid my site I hope I can remember how to do it. Until then, enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hi everyone, how are you all. I had planned on working on my OCS today until I started looking for the die I had planned to use and discovered I had returned it to my girlfriend, so I either have to reborrow or come up with a new design, urrrr. I had posted the painted statues of the horses in the Ocala town square and am going to try and get the other one on here today, remember these were taken in the dark so not a clear as could be during the day.

I have been thinking about offering some candy, but I really don't have enough people visit me and leave comments, so until the day I receive at least 20 comments I don't think it will work. So leave a comment good, bad or indifferent. I welcome any hints or suggestions. I realize I am a very simple cardmaker as I don't really have the income to spend like some of you fortunate peeps, so I have to make do with what I have. Not complaining just stating the facts. So if you visit just leave a little ditty for me and I will see what I can pull together. Going to be another hot day in Florida, at least the evenings cool of a lttle bit.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Will I ever master this image process on my blog? Guess I should be happy I get it together even if it is not what I planned, LOL. This is the card I sent to my OCS. Very simple as usual. I left a window on the inside so it could be used for her own sentiment if she wanted.
It stopped raining in time for the fireworks last night and then started raining again and it is raining off and on. I really don't mind the rain, in fact I love the sound of rain especially at night, and we need it badly for our lawns right now. Had a quiet day yesterday. My friend who lives down the street has me to supper a couple of times a week and I finally got her to come down here last night and I fixed spaghetti and sherbet(pineapple, lime, and orange swirl). It was a nice evening. Today I am lazing around and thinking of what I am going to do for the July OCS and I should be cleaning and shinning my wood floor, ha. Hope you all enjoyed your extended weekend with your families.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hi everyone and Happy 4th of July. Let's work together to keep this country the best in the world. Remember if you aren't working to solve the problem, then you are a part of the problem and I hope some high up people start getting this very soon. Enough said.

It is a rainy day here in Florida, but it almost always rains on the fireworks night, hopefully it will clear up for the evening. I will not be doing anything special, since the kids are all grown now it is not a holiday we share as a family. A special shout out to the crew of the USS Harry S. Truman, my grandson's carrier and they are on deployment - we love you all and thank you for your service and sacrifice! We are all so proud. I was going to post a pic of a beautiful shot I had of the flag flying in the breeze, but as luck would have it - it seems to be missing from my computer. So be sure and go out today and see how many you can find in your community. Have a great weekend and a safe 4th.