Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WOYWW - #105

Good morning everyone. It's been awhile since I participated on WOYWW, you know how sometimes life just takes over for a bit. I have been moving around and checking everyone out, just not taking a lot of time to leave comments. If you have stumbled upon my blog and do not know what WOYWW is all about need to check out Julia's blog, On Wednesdays we all show pictures of the various stages and workings of our desks. It is awesome to see how these crafters from around the world work, organize, etc. each week.

I am sorry to say I was unable to participate in the 2nd. Anniversary event, but am looking forward to see what everyone made and exchanged with their partner.

This is my dinning room table and I am beginning to bring out different supplies for my monthly sorority meeting on Thursday. We hope to have enough time to get some more cards made for Operation Write Home. I have some images already colored for those that think they have no talent at all and would rather just put the cards together. Silly gals! I also have the cards cut and folded for them and some images for those that want to color and do the whole thing from beginning to end. No matter the level we always seem to get a lovely stack of cards made and sent off. Have a great week and I will visit as many as I can get to this weekend.

Iam happy to report my friends were not affected by the terrible tornados. They got wind and rain but were on the southern edge of the storms.
I am back in here AGAIN, trying to correct this posting. Don't know what is going on with it, hope it is blogger and not my computer.


Carola Bartz

I like that project Operation Write Home and that you do it together with others and even prepare cards for those who think they can't do it. How sweet of you.


You have been busy colouring and printing. Hope you have a good day with your club making cards for such a good cause.
Thanks for visiting me
x Tricia (39)

Hands to Work, Hearts to God

That's always a lot of fun, having a group of friends come and make cards together! or any kind or art project! I've been really shocked with the news about the tornados! We never have that here in the Philippines and can't imagine what a horror it must be seeing that powerful headed your way!


Some lovely things on your table ready to use, it's lovely that you have a get together to make cards for OWH. Thanks for sharing.


You have such a lovely colourful blog! Good luck with the card making marathon.


Oh my, I think your dining room table would give me a giddy head if I used it - looking through it at my feet! Thanks for stopping by!


I love your chairs! :) Hope you get to do lots of cards tomorrow. :) Happy woyww!

Toucan Scraps

lovely workspace


I quite agree. those chairs are beautiful. How many of those who thought they couldn't ended up finding they could really? I bet some of them did. Those images you had prepared were just right to encourage others to have a go.


Wow! I love the way you can magnify your picture and click the magnifier around the desk and check things out! I love the images you have stamped some gorgeous ones there and congrats on doing that for those serving overseas - such faithful young men and women, I pray God will watch over them all and keep them safe. Thanks for popping over and happy WOYWW! love Shaz in Oz.x


I’m pleased to hear that your friends were safe. It must be terrifying having to go through something like that. Don’t think I could cope with living in an area that has to cope with sort of thing on a yearly basis.
Loving the idea of Operation Write Home. The cards look great and you have some really bright colours going on there.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Like your Operation Write Home idea. Glad all of you and yours were safe from the tornadoes -they have been really bad this year! Thanks for stopping by my desk last week! (I'm a bit behind!) :0

fairy thoughts

you have some lovely stamps and stamping going on here, such a good cause too. thanks for your nice comments on my blog . . my pif is called coco after the chanel box i also received.


So pleased everyone is safe and well done for supporting OWH.


What a great cause! I am so glad to read all your friends are safe.
Thank you so much for the very sweet comment on my gift to Curt. That was so nice of you.

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