Monday, March 28, 2011


Well not much going on these days. Lost my mojo and it is lurking here somewhere. Saturday my sorority chapter had a tent at the Parrish Heritage Days, so my time was spent on getting that all together. It was really small! I sold 7 cards. Also, made bracelets and sold 15. We had hoped for teenagers, but it was too lame an event for teenagers. So now we know. We had hoped to make enough to fill our coffers a little for our weekend getaway in May (to help pay otle rooms), and for our annual charity donation. Well the main thing was that all of us spent the day together having a good time and that is what sorority is all about. I have been stopping by most of your blogs, but have not really left any comments. Sorry!! It is pouring rain right now and we really needed it badly. If you stop by - thanks. Maybe I will try and remember to do WOYWW this week. There are so many participating it is hard to get to everyone and make comments and it takes me three days, how about you. Have a great week.

The above pic is my silly little girl Sassy. She is a Bobtail. Thinks she has found a new place for her naps. She was so surprised when she moved around a little too much and ended up on the floor at one point. The look on her cute little face was priceless. She just couldn't figure out how she was on the chair and then on the floor.