Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WOYWW - 156

Goodness time sure flies.  Here we are at #156 and our ATC's are ready to go.  As you can see by my desk/table I haven't been able to do a lot lately.  Currently working on a birthdaty card for my oldest son (do not ask how old).  I have received the cutest stamps from Whiff of Joy by Alison
Acton.  He is several years to old for the figures and since he loves music I am using the old phonograph.  My time has been spent taking various members back and forth to doctor appointments for the past several weeks.  Checkups for our little sweetie g-granddaughter.  Had to drive them to St. Pete yesterday for an ear test.  She is perfectly fine.  Lori is awaiting her dates to start chemo.

My sorority did get our 3 day weekend in Naples on the beach.  Sorry no pics.  We just chilled our and ate a lot and enjoyed each others company.  Oh that's Naples, Florida not Italy (we wish).  Well off to get me on Mr. Linky and go blog hopping.  Have a great week.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Came home today to find a small package waiting for me - my very own WOYWW badge.  Thank you so much Julia.  That was really fast.

Long winded this morning, sorry will try not to get carried away again.  Also no idea why so much space at the end of entry until you get to comment section.

WOYWW - 153

Well I am finally up and about.  By the time I get to posting in the morning you bloggers from across the seas are already thinking of what to have for your evening meals.  My table is a little messy as I have made a birthday card for my granddaughter's 21st. birthday tomorrow.  I had some butterflies left from my last project and decided to try and use them for her card and this is how it turned out.

My lighting is not very good as my colors do not show as bright.

Starting from far end is my computer, a bottle of Windex to clean the table top, a sheet of paper to test the stamps I am using, a piece of designer paper, a book, my coffee and Pepsi (what you say?) , Stazon in refill, a packet of cards made you have already seen over time, plastic box with doodads for cards, my  cutter, a stamp, tape, cards from last week, etc.

Julia I hope you get well fast! 

Just received a phone call that my oldest son's girlfriend got her test results back and she has a malignant tumor in her breast (she actually has 3 tumors) and is scheduled or surgery on Friday and they will then also biopsy her lymph nods.  She afraid my son will leave her and the whole family plus my son have assured her that he loves HER not her body.  She is scared to death, but trying to stay strong in faith.  Then I get another call from my son asking if I can take his father, my ex, to his surgery on Friday.  Lori who is having surgery was suppose to take him and now I am the only one left that can sign him into the hospital.  People say I am too nice and the others say I am crazy, but he is the boys father and over the years I have let the anger and hurt go and we manage to tolerate each other or the kid sake.  So needless to say I can't be with Lori as I am taking over the other hospital run.  I will pick up Brad from work and take to his Dad's house to spend the night and I think we are taking Lori over there also.  Well a week from today it will all be over and we will deal with Lori's chemo and get her on the road to recovery.  I don't care to believe that fate would put these two people together after all they have been through over the years and they have one of them terribly ill or worse.  So please if you wish would you please keep this couple in your prayers this week.  So that is my upcoming week, guess it will keep me busy, LOL.  Until next week stay well and happy.  Hugs.

To those who stop and left comments I thank you so much!  I didn't quite make to to everyone and I am sorry to say I don't always leave or am able to leave comments for everyone, but I am lurking about. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WOYWW - 152

It seems I am having problems getting my posting done.  Nothing published as #139.  So here is a short post and am trying to publish again.  Wish they would quit messing around and trying to make things better.

First image are three cards I did in a class I attended.  The second are some small cards that may be used as gift cards, or anything you want.  I have made a set of 4 each of different butterf;ies to give to my sorority sisters on our Annual Getaway Weekend the weeked of May 19.  We are only going about a 3 hours drive south to Naples, Florida, but it is a time for us to getaway from all the everyday drama of our lives and have some fun together.  Well I will try and post this entry now.