Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WOYWW - #80

Well it is Wednesday again and it is time to play Ms. Dunnit's game. Drop over to her blog to find out what it is all about - It is so much fun to snoop out everyone. Well I found time to change my U.K. clock and now it has disappeared and I can't remember where I got the darn thing to begin in the first place. Oh well, I'll run across it sometime.

Sorry for the very poor picture, very late at night. To the left is my brand new score buddy, finally. I also ordered some liquid applique and a bow easy, all from Gina K. This is actually a TV tray that I carry back and forth to the table, there are about three different kinds of colored pencils, cardstock, my clipboard for coloring when watching TV, colored and design paper, actually all just thrown together.

Well I have put the cards on the back burner for the next week or so as there are other things claiming they come first right now. So I am dumping everything on the spare bedroom until I can put away in proper place (ha!) or bring back out to the table. So nothing exciting here, but I appreciate it when you stop by anyway.

It is 35 degrees outside right now. Yes I know to most of you that probably sounds warm. I am from the mid-west originally so I know bad winter weather, but after living in Florida since 1996 the body changes and doesn't take well to the lower temps. Fortunately it doesn't stick around very long. Very smart of me to keep my nice winter coat, etc.

Sorry I couldn't get around to everyone last week, I think I made abut half the list and thanks to those that dropped by to visit me. Keep warm where ever you live!



35degrees IS warm. Due to be about -35 tomorrow!!!


At least if you are working from a tray, you can be very organised. I am a little envious of your warm weather.
Sue xx 86


35? gosh, I'd be frazzled in that heat!

Simply Iowa

I'm glad you are in a warm climate....Florida is Lovely... mid-westerners miss you....and every now and then, we like to send a little 'nip', your way! No worries.... in Feb., you'll be slathering on the lotion... we'll be pulling up the long underware!
Thanks for visiting the blog....
Keep warm...and Happy Holidays, to You, and Yours....
Barb C.


Your tray looks very neat!
I have a fairly new Score Buddy too!
Thanks for the snoop!
Chrissie #1


Love the tray idea. I want a score buddy too.

Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #25


It's cold here too..going to be 27 for the high with lots of snow. Happy WOYWW! #5


That's a great idea with the tray - must make it much easier to haul everything around. Think I need one of those score buddies too; perhaps it's something to look for in the sales.

It's about 0 degrees C here today and snowing. Hope you're not too chilly.

Bernie #29

Maarit at Violets Corner

Lucky you to have a Scor Buddy, I have it on my wish list! I also use Derwent pens, they are great. Love the idea of using a tray.

Have a great weekend


Aren't those TV trays just the best invention? I love cutting out decoupage bits whilst watching X Factor or something similarly rubbish


Bet you enjoy your new bow maker - hope it gets to you quickly.

Cardmaking Galore

A lot of lovely stash for Christmas!

Sherry Goodloe

My workspace is MY bed a lot of times as WELL *hee hee*

Thanks for stopping by today. Happy Holidays to you xo

Julia Dunnit

I think cards are on the back burner for me too. Sorry you're experiencing a nip of bad weather - it must be quite unusual?


Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. My daughter is back home now and recovering well. Certainly could have done without that just before Christmas! But it's all good. Love your tray idea, why didn't I think of that? I have the larger ScorPal and love it and the bow easy is wonderful, once you learn how to work the knot thing. Have a wonderful Christmas, Blessings Hilde


Hi! Thank you for ther lovely blog comment & for stopping by!I must say you are pretty lucky to be in the warm! Its really cold here tonight, even my Mr Binxz wont go out, cant blame him though, I certainly wouldent want to put my bare feet outside either! Doing same as you I think, dumping crafty stuff for the festive madness thats great british christmas week! Hope you have a fine festive time!

Deborah Frings

Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog - I do know where everything is! Sometimes when I put things away I can't find them for ages!!!

It really cold here too - -5C (don't do fahrenheit), but it's blooming cold!!! Snow has finally arrived in our village.


I've never taken to crafting in front of the television, might have to give that a try - not sure I could limit myself to just a tray full of stuff.


Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Angela Toucan

lovely portable desk.
Don't faint - I don't have a TV.

And yes those paintings are resting ontop of stuff waiting until they are dry enough to go in her folder - mostly my laptop and all the cables etc..


I use a tray just like that for when I'm coloring in some newly printed out digi stamps, so that I can watch TV in the living room at the same!

Thanks for the peek!
Happy holiday!
-Tracey #97

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

I hope it's warmer today for you. I remember on Wednesday (when I should have been here) it was warmer in Kansas than in FL. Now how unique is that? I like your portable desk, though (#4).


Nice tray! The bow easy is in my 2011 wishlist! And I need to learn how to color stamps... Thanks for visiting me and for sharing!

Sandra #107


Do you use your score buddy much? I like the idea, but don't know if I'd use it - and because of its size (my space is already crowded enough). Thanks for visiting my blog!

Terry #94


Happy Late WOYWW! Thanks for popping past my blog to check out my desk!
I have a bow easy and have never used it...yet! I have forgotten how so while the kids are on holidays I might watch some youtube videos to find out how to do it!
Susan xxox #16


Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving me a comment! Sorry it has taken so long to come by here, crazy Christmas week!
Great idea to use the tray to cart your stuff to and from tv!
Merry Xmas and all the best for 2011 !


Sorry I'm so late in visiting this week but glad I did. I am in Florida too and this weather has been crazy cold for us. I grew up here and I'm not used to it either. It was in the teens last week! Keep warm! :) Nan #20

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