Monday, May 23, 2011


Well our Girls' Annual Weekend Getaway if now but a memory, but what a great time we had during those 2 1/2 days. We stayed at a cottage in Passa Grille and walked about 1/2 block to the beach (Gulf of Mexico). The weather was great and of course, our trips always are mostly shopping and eating and eating and eating. Due to financial conditions this year we didn't do much extra things. Most of our money went for eating, so much more expensive this year! We stayed at the southern tip of the island which is mostly residential with rentals and some small hotels. It was SOOOO quiet, just what we needed as the gals still working have very stressful jobs. We are discussing a 3 day cruise out of Florida for next year. A cruise for me is the only way to go, but I personally prefer a 7 day cruise. You board put your clothes, etc. away and you are ready to go. No packing up every day and moving on to the next place. You can go on side trips if you want and everything is taken care of for you. No driving and all that goes with it. I love cruises.

Moving on we are awaiting word from my girlfriend's brother and wife who live in Cassville, Missouri just south of where the tornado hit Joplin, Missouri and has wiped out much of the town. Hopefully she will hear from them today, but at this very moment a new storm is heading towards Joplin once again. It is suppose to be severe. I have always wanted to be a Red Cross responder and I checked into it once I retired and found that you have to have your own money for food, etc. when you respond to a disaster and sometimes your team has to provide theis own transportation to the scene. Well anyway that sort of took that dream away from me. I know many of you are wonderig whey someone would want to go into a disaster area to help. Well my whole life has pretty much been as a caretaker for someone and I guess part of that is a situation where I was the only one that could do the caretaking and taking care of people is something within me, or I am justy crazy. LOL Hope everyone is well and happy and have a wonderful week and a safe Memorial Day Weekend for those of you in that good ole USA.