Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hello my fellow bloggers! What a week so far. I did not get to to this last week and I don't think I got to check out many of you as we have been very busy practicing for our play and getting everything together for our sorority birthday party this Thursday. It has been fun, but I think it grew to be a bigger job then we had intended. So no card making or much else except getting cards to OWH and some personal cards done and mailed. Also mo ved my grandson over to his Dad's house into the back apartment. I hope all of his things are out of my house, once again.

Well my room is a little out of kilter right now as I had to take down the cardtable and threw all of that mess onto the table and floor or where ever I could find a flat surface. The corkboards I put up on the wall - one of them keeps falling down. I may also be losing what I thought was going to be my craft room as I desperately need a roommate to help with expenses. Don't really want one, but so goes life. So I have a friend who has referred her friend to me and she came and checked out the house, etc. a week ago and says she will move in. She is going through a messy divorce and it is not final until the end of October, so things may well change by that time, but I really hope she is able to take it for a few months anyway until she decides what changes she is going to make for her future. Well I am off to do housework, which has been neglected lately. So enjoy and have a wonderful week and weekend.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hello Bloggers, it has been awhile since I have been on my post. I have been busy typing scripts and getting ready for the play we are going to do for my sorority's birthday dinner next week. It has been a trip. We aren't having a lot of rehearal's as everyone works and hard to get everyone together, but we are not professionals and half the fun may be the possible flubs we do. Should be fun.

My youngest grandson is staying with me for awhile until the apartment at his Dad's is ready for move in time. Keeps me busy running him back and forth to work since I live on the other side of the river and out a ways. Is this keeping me young or not? Good question some days. At least he is one of the fortunate young people to have a job even if it isn't a very good paying one. Hopefully better days will come again.

This card is the one I received from my August OCS partner. Isn't she just the most darling little girl you have ever seen. I love this card! Thank you so much Janis K. in Hawaii!

I am still checking all your blogs, just not as closely as the past until things slow down a bit. Hae a great week.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hi all you bloggers! For all of you on the road this weekend, please have a safe and happy weekend. For those of us at home whether with family or alone, love your family and friends and take joy in the togetherness, and stay safe also.

Here is the card I made for my August OCS, she should have it by now. We were suppose to try and do an Asian theme, but this was as close as I could come with my supplies. Hope you likes it anyway.
We just had another 15 minute cloud burst and now thunder. Suppose it is going to do this almost all weekend. I have no plans, so doesn't bother me and most people will have a contingency plan for ran. Most Floridans are aware of this. So have a happy whatever you are doing.