Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Oh heck! It is 10:10 a.m. and I forgot about my post for WOYWW again. So here I am trying to get it together, some what. I am still working on cards to sell at the end of March for the Parrish Heritage Day Festival. This is a very, very old small town in Florida and it is just 3 miles from my home. When I see some of your sites and the boxes of cards you have made it makes my pathetic attempt a big joke. Oh well, work with what you have and what you can do I guess. I am currently working on two birthday cards, they are not finished, still thinking about how I want to finish them off. I have two sorority sisters with birthdays, one on Feb. 27 and the other is Mar. 2. The cat is a Penny Black and the girls I believe are Stampin' Up stamps. I still have not mastered getting my pics to come up on my blog where I want them.
My grandson, who has returned from his latest deployment has e-mailed me that Lifetime TV came on board ship as they were returning and interviewed some of the crew and filmed the homecoming to their loved ones. They had just returned from a deployment and within about a month to 6 weeks were sent out again. Anyway the ship is the USS Harry S. Truman CVM75, an aircraft carrier and it is to be aired on March 6 at 10:00 p.m., Eastern time in the United States. So I am looking forward to watching it. My sorority chapter is in the final planning stages of our "Weekend Getaway" for May 20. We have decided to stay close to home because of the gas prices and only having three days. We do not want to spend all of our time on traveling, so we are just going about a 45 minute drive up the coast to Passa Grille (Enfys you should be familiar with this area, I think). We are staying at a small motel facing the Gulf and there are little shops and restaurants within walking distance. Then my girlfriend and I are hoping to book a cruise for 2012 and begin making payments on the booking so it is all paid by the time we board the ship. Who knows what will be happening by August 2012, but that is our plan. Well that is probably more than you wanted to know and so I will get off here and on to my day. Have a great week.



Cute little pics.
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Good luck.
Jo x

Sue from Oregon

Hello SS! Thanks for popping by today to visit! FYI...your pic will load wherever your curser is located when you are composing your post. After you add the picture, if you hover under the pic, a menu will appear underneath and let you choose the size you want to display the pic too! Good luck! And a fun...and very wise to plan ahead so it doesn't kill you budget! Good luck! Sue K 15

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards

Mm Blogger is a tad frustrating till you get the hang of it but tip above by Sue is correct, so should help..thanks for popping by and hop you enjoy your trip away
Shaz in oz.x


Very cute cards, and I am sure they will make your recipients smile.

I'm glad we're not the only people planning for 2012 holidays. Here in the UK we are only just getting the 2012 schedules through, and we're hoping to do a mix of Amtrak routes and sea. I always reckon the planning is almost half the fun! Whatever you choose, happy holidays!


P.S. Love your sunny blog wallpaper.


Lovely little cards there. Hope you get to spot your grandson on the TV show. The cruise sounds like a lot of fun, I did one once, wouldn't mind another though!!

Brenda 103


You're very bad to think your cards aren't as good as everyone elses! Everyone has their own style and we all find inspiration from each other. I'm sure your cards will sell well and you'll wonder why you worried about them!


Cute cards. Picasso thought his work wasn't as good as others in the beginning! Thanks for sharing. Sorry I am so late getting by this week but life happens. Vickie #148

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