Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hi friends! I am taking a break due to other things going on in my life right now. For instance a new little wrinkle. Yesterday while reviewing my checking account I found a Hold on it for $93.30 made on the 25th. WHAAAT?? Called the bank immediately and found that a charge had been made on my debit card for this amount at a jewelry store ( who can afford a jewelry store?) not me, in a small town between Rt. 19 and Rt. 75 in Florida. It is north of Tampa. Not roads I do any traveling, except on rare occasions and certainly not on the 25th. She finally transferred me and we went over it all again. Ascertaining that I had not lost my card, only had one card and I was holding it my hand at that time, no one has access but me, I may let one grandson go into buy cigs or gas, but I am there in the car. Card comes out of billfold, into store, back into billfold. Gosh he can't go into the store and walk 10 ft. without coming back out to say "what's your pin AGAIN". Well I know it isn't anyone I know. Then I was transferred to the Fraud Dept., etc., etc. They found it had been a signature buy, which means the person had to have a card AND sign. So they believe at this time someone has a phony card. So I am seriously rethinking about using my debit card once this is cleared up. This one was cancelled immediately by the Fraud Dept. and a new one being issued.

The only way someone could have gotten my card number - a restaurant worker, gas station, convenient store by swiping it or writing it down or keeping a carbon of the bill. So enough. It is so very sad to think there are so many people out there that haven't a care as to who they use. This may cause some financial problems for me and believe me I can create my own, I do not need any help. LOL So I am focused on this and a couple of other things right now. Keep yourselves safe and happy until I return.


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