Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WOYWW - 107

Hi everyone, finally back to get in on WOYWW. For those of you who do no know about WOYWW itis a fun blog day where anyone wishing to participate can go to Julia's blog ( and show a picture of their work surface with whatever they may be currently working . I have not been on for a couple of weeks as I have been working on my family history again. I have a granddaughter who is having her 20th birthday party this Sunday (and the other gd. turned 20 in May), so I am putting together all the family history I have gathered through the years. I have traced my origins on both sides of my parents back to Ireland and Scotland. I am still in search of where John Hill originated. I thought Ireland, but cannot prove it yet. Anyway here is my table with most of the paperwork and books, there is more scattered about. Last night I had to walk away from it since after awhile of looking at it it seems to get confusing. So until next week, I wish for all of you a great and happy week.


Julia Dunnit

Hey Jan, nice to see you! YOur desk is a reseracher's dream - neatly organised and filed. I know what you mean about having to stop after a while - after work specially, the facts seem to blur each other!


WOW your desk looks very busy and very organized. You have to be doing the task you are doing. My husband has started his geneology search so he can pass it on to the kids. Have fun. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #107


Hi Jan...I see you have a very organized spot. I haven't been able to do WOYWW in a while but I do remember you! I am 50 miles NE of Gainesvile but from St. Pete originally. We are about to get drenched tomorrow and the next few days. Arte you guys getting any rain? :) Nan

Sue from Oregon

I always wanted to trace my family history, but not focused enough me thinks! Good for you!


My dil did some tracing of my family (for my son, not me lol) and it was fascinating what she turned up. Good luck with it. Love your chairs by the way. Hugs, Neet #9


I’m working on a Heritage album at the moment too Jan and I know just what you mean about it getting confusing, especially when the children were named after their father’s and Grandfather’s.
There’s a link to it on the side bar of my blog if you would like to see that I’ve done but not all the pages are on there at the moment.

Happy Crafting!


My father is tracing our family history too!!
Hope you had a nice WOYWW Wednesday.
ThanX for visiting my blog!
Hugs Marleen ;-)


very busy and creative, mine just looks messy! My mum is into tracing all the family only she's found out things that my aunty won't hear of! oh skeletons in the cupboard!! Happy Crafting! HapPy LatE WoyWw!!


Wow! Searhing for family history like that is awesome! I wish I had perseverance for it. :)

voodoo vixen

I leave the family history investigating to DH, it keeps him out of mischieve!! LOL Your desk looks very busy - hope you find out your John Hill connection!!

Lunch Lady Jan

Thank you for your lovely comments last week - it meant a lot to this new blogger! Hope your genealogy hunt is successful :) xx


What an idyllic view. Lucky you. Nice place to craft but i'd have to keep tidy there!
thanks for popping in on me,
JoZarty x


Very busy desk and sooo tidy, unlike mine, those papers on my desk? bargain when we went to the States, 60 designs by My Minds Eye $4.99 down to $6,88...bargain in any ones money! (not actually sure how much that is, cheap as chips!
happy woyww

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