Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WOYWW - #160

Wow did I have an all day fight trying to get my post onto the computer last week!!  I finally found a place to return me to the "old" Blogger interface, which to me is much more user friendly.  This week we have Tropical Storm Debbie playing around with the computers off and on.  Too much water.  I personally welcome all the rain as all our yards look like brown ______.  Finally looking green again, much more pleasant to look at believe me.  I got to as many of you last week as I could, but I am sorry I did not leave all a comment.  Computer was just to flaky and time consuming last week.

I finally bought some Twinkling H2O's, but have not been brave enough to try the yet.  Was suppose to attend a class this Saturday, but it has been cancelled and rescheduled for the last Saturday in July.  I have to heavy a hand to use markers, don't know why I think these will be any different, but will give a good go at them.

Table with bin of various scrap pieces, glue & tape, friend to friend stamp, friendship stamp, inks, hairspray for chalks, designer papers, a paper stamped with a net stamp ad a new stamp of a sunfish.

                                              A friend to friend card.

I have make a few birthday cards this week and will try and get a couple of pics this evening.  You know my lighting is never very good, LOL.  Ok so maybe it is me.

                                                        The messy table.

Hope to see you on the rounds.  Have a great week.  Still have rains coming in here from Tropical Storm Debbie for a couple more days.  Sun shines and then the rains come more sun, more rain, no flooding in my immediate area, but many people around the state have a mess.


Sandy Trefger

I have the Twinkling H2Os and have only used them a few times and need to pull them out and really learn to use them. Your card is beautiful! ~ Sandy #118


I'm too fearful to try twinkling h2o's I think. If you learn the secret to them, do tell!


Zoe #54


Hi Jan sounds like you have perfect crafting weather to me. I saw a demo with the paints last year and they did look fab and were great for different techniques as I remember. WOYWW Hugs from Helen 89


hoping the rain has stopped and you havent washed away,fab card,you have reminded me that i have some h20s in a drawer :)
happy blogging
kay #69


Be careful with those storms!! Your cards and things look awesome! Have fun!
Happy WOYWW!

Lunch Lady Jan

That's a cute card and your table doesn't look messy to me at all - I can be a lot messier than that, lol!!
Hope the storm doesn't do too much damage...
Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

Darnell J Knauss

Thanks, Jan, for coming round to my place already! I loved your own story of kids' notes, they are too much!

I'm glad to hear you are okay in all that flooding. It's all over our news here in California. That and the fires in Colorado. A lot of people are not doing well because of it. You stay safe and have a great week! Good luck with the H2Os! Darnell #55

Samantha Elliott

Nice to see you are busy! Have you tried taking pics in the window in the morning!
Hettie 149


I struggle with the lighting here too. Some people have such wonderful pictures. I was thinking about making a home made light box. Hope you stay dry where you are. Thanks for the Visit to my blog.
Sandy :)


I can't remember if I pressed the 'post' button or not, so sorry if this comes out twice! Hope you had a happy WOYWW!! Karen 86 x

Princess Judy Palmer

I'd been told that you should use a light hand with twinkling H2Os. I mean, that had been drummed into my head over and over. I'd been told that too many people use too much. So I finally go to use them and I can't get any coverage and they are very frustrating. I go ask someone and they are shocked at how little I am trying to use. So I don't know what to tell you about them. Just break 'em out and play. Fun card and great looking table--one could just sit right down and start to play. If the rain gets to be too much, send some my way!

Lisa Richards

Have fun with those lovely cards! Hope the weather settles down!
Have a great WOYWW!
#45 (Thanks for your visit!)

peggy aplSEEDS

happy WOYWW! cute card you made! i didn't realize you could user old blogger. i'll have to check that out!
thanks for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS


Love your latest creation, and that desk of yours looked primed for more card action too! :) hope the bad weather is at an end for you! However I will be buying a small boat to get about soon, non stop rain for days here! :( getting used to my new crafty space, its ;) Looking a bit worn in this week!


Hi, hope you have dried out a bit after the storms. I think most people find the lighting of their pictures to be a challenge, unless they have fancy gear or lots of natural light. I'm trying to make a few more visits from WOYWW 160 before tomorrow brings 161. :) ~ Laura #122

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