Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hi everyone! I have been unactive on my blog due to work schedule and THEN on 8/7 when I was home alone for the weekend with one son gone and the other one on his honeymoon, I took a bad fall in my home and fractured my hip. I could not get up or move or anything, my phone was out of reach. Fortunately for me I had not closed my outside door and finally began calling for help, after awhile I started to panic and yelling, Please can someone help me. Finally a neighbor heard the call and yelled "where are you?" I yelled back I was behind 1413 and she needed to come through the fence to the open back door. She arrived with a friend and took one look and started dialing for an ambulance. Then she located my cell phone and called the only person I thought and hoped would be available. One of my 18 year old granddaughters who lived a couple of blocks away.
She was home and was still on her cell when she flew through the door. The ambulance had also arrived. Let me tell you "do not fall and fracture or break a hip". The EMTs had to use the scoop to get me off the floor and onto the stretcher. Had quite a time getting me scooped. They kept apologizing for my pain. But, finally in the bus and on the way to hospital. Eventually x-rayed and sent to surgery. Don't remember much about being in the hospital, too drugged. On Sunday I was transferred to a Rehab Center and just released yesterday for home. Have to have a home health aide and a rehab therapist come in for a few weeks and it will take a good 6-12 months for complete healing. Will have to try and find a way to trade my truck for a car with a seat I can just slide into, probably no more wearing heels, etc. Anyway I am on my way back, but I have been moved back into the main house and now I do not know where ANYTHING is, so I don't know when I can start doing my cards again. But, I will still be checking everyone's blogs and loving all your posts. Take good care of yourselves!!!!


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