Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hello my fellow bloggers! What a week so far. I did not get to to this last week and I don't think I got to check out many of you as we have been very busy practicing for our play and getting everything together for our sorority birthday party this Thursday. It has been fun, but I think it grew to be a bigger job then we had intended. So no card making or much else except getting cards to OWH and some personal cards done and mailed. Also mo ved my grandson over to his Dad's house into the back apartment. I hope all of his things are out of my house, once again.

Well my room is a little out of kilter right now as I had to take down the cardtable and threw all of that mess onto the table and floor or where ever I could find a flat surface. The corkboards I put up on the wall - one of them keeps falling down. I may also be losing what I thought was going to be my craft room as I desperately need a roommate to help with expenses. Don't really want one, but so goes life. So I have a friend who has referred her friend to me and she came and checked out the house, etc. a week ago and says she will move in. She is going through a messy divorce and it is not final until the end of October, so things may well change by that time, but I really hope she is able to take it for a few months anyway until she decides what changes she is going to make for her future. Well I am off to do housework, which has been neglected lately. So enjoy and have a wonderful week and weekend.


Maggie's Crafts

Thanks for sharing. Love the space. Hope you don't loose it. :)

Have a great day!

Maggie #96



Hi ya
lovely tidy space, hope you still find a space to craft in,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(3)


love your space = thanks for sharing it with us I hope you keep it though or you find some space to work in the future - love Liz (24)


Lovely space. Hope you manage to keep crafting -maybe your new room mate can join in!


Hello there, lovely to meet you, you sound really busy, and you find time to craft as well, wow. Here's hoping that it all works out and your house mate is a keen crafter too, good luck and thank you for sharing:0) xx

Carola Bartz

You sure sound busy! I hope it works out with your new roommate (perhaps she is crafty, too?) and you still have room for getting creative. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Lovely little space and shame to loose it but better to meet your commitments!!! thanks for your lovely comment on my blog


Thanks for commenting on my blog. Hope you keep some space to craft - even if its only the kitchen table. #Thanks for letting us peek into your crafty space as is.
x Tricia


oh...lots of interesting things happening on your desk! and I see some good crafty storage! Hope everything works out well! thanks for the snoop and your kind cooment ;)


Nice space. Hope that you are able to keep some of it.


Don't worry about loosing your room, any corner in the house is good for crafting! Still at the moment your craft room is really nice! Thanks for the snoop!

Cardmaking Galore

There are a lot of changes going on I see. As Cardarian, you can craft anywhere and who knows maybe you'll get your new room mate on a crafting journey of her own! It might be fun crafting together, lol!

Bdw that flower is more of a pillow. I don't know but Ginger seems to like holding it between his paws and sleeping on it. He never chews on it, so that's fine.

Ohhh Snap

You've really been busy! I hope you find a scrap of time for a card or two soon :D. TFS! (75).


Hope everything sorts itself out, perhaps your new room mate will enjoy crafting too, it's a great de-stresser.

Brenda (88)

Julia Dunnit

I hope your new room mate will be a bonus for you rather than a full room and nothing else. Great way to help with the fiscal cycles though. Hope the sorority party was a big success - it's Friday here so am guessing you're exhausted but pleased and happy!


What a neat crafting area you have. Thanks for sharing.

Sherry (103)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

Hope your sorority birthday bash and play went off well. Also hope your new roommate works out well for both of you. Sorry I'm late this week, especially since I'm #2.

Flip-Flop Creations

Hope your new roomie works out and you can keep a crafting space. ~jeni :)


Hope you've had a great week. Love your board on the wall. :) Sorry, I am so late calling. Have a great Sunday.
Gez #23


love your crafting space

thanks for sharing, little late this week but getting round everyone.....slowly

hugs Candace #43

Toucan Scraps

you have a lovely little room

Angela (120)

Curt in Carmel

Hope the play went well! I'm sorry your life seems to be in a transitional period. I know what you mean about not wanting a roomie. You give up so much of your privacy. I hope it works out for you! Best, Curt

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