Monday, November 8, 2010


This is just the cutest card!! It is my card from Elena as my OCS partner for October. She also finished off the inside and the BACK of the card. So much lovely work! I do not have any of these adorable images/stamps as yet. Thank you Elena so much. I can't remember if I e-mailed you or not since my computer has been so messed up I had no idea what it was doing with anything.

Well, back on line - but with Windows 7 in place. I was just getting to figure out some of Vista, which I hated, and now I wonder how many months or years it will take to learn the ins and outs of Windows 7. So now I will be trying to play catch up with everyone's blogs. Hope everyone is well and happy!!

Aren't these sunflowers beautiful! I was at my son's house the other day when a florist called and asked if I was home. I told her I was not and she said she had a flower delivery for me and she would leave it on the lani in the shade for me. My son and grandson starting laughing as I said I had no idea who would be sending me flowers, so I thought they knew about it. They said, "you must have a secret admirer", heaven forbid. So they kept saying they didn't do it and maybe they were from my other grandson (in the Navy). So finally when I got hom they were indeed from my wonderful Mitchell, my birthday was past, so whatever for I wondered until I opened the card. Basically thanking me for the caring I do of everyone in my life, especially my children and grandchildren and for arranging for his ship to receive shipments of cards from "Operation Write Home." It was a very sweet card. He will be coming home from his second deployment soon. We are so very proud of this young man as some of you already know from reading my blog. I only brag once or twice a year to all of you, LOL.


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