Monday, November 29, 2010


Where have the Wednesday's gone? I have missed about 3 weeks of posting. This is a very busy month, and into December for everyone isn't it? Am trying to get my cards finished for my sorority girls as our party is Dec. 12 (don't laugh you bloggers who can make a 15 minute card). I am very slow I admit, or maybe I have ADD these days or is it "the old timers disease" taking place. Well in any case I do get there eventually.

Here is my table with some of my cards, cutter, plus a package ready to mail to my girlfriend in Illinois with her Christmas presents. Then there is the single sheets of paper and a pack of My Minds Eye, Winter Wonderland paper, glue stick, ink, and stamps I am using (Elizabeth Bell and some Stampin' Up. Then the coffee table has my pencils and chalks.

For those of you who would like to know how the Sarasota Jr. League Merry Market Place was this year. It was a great big BUST. No one has figured out why hardly anyone came and of those that did attend, they were not spending money. We asked if they were shopping for a present(s) and they said things like - "No, I'm the only one left in my family and I have no friends", sad if true. Asked if they were shopping for something for themselves - "No.." Please folks this is an annual charity event for the Jr. Leagues. On Thursday evening it was for ladies only and cost $25.00. Well it turned out to be ladies night out as they headed for the food and drinks (drinks were a cash bar and not included in the ticket) and then left. Friday and Saturday there was a $5.00 charge to enter. Sorry, but if I paid money to get in, I am most likely going to spend some money or I am not going to be there. Maybe I am the Crazy one.

We were probably the only booth that decorated for Christmas. Well it is quite obvious I need to do some research to find out why my pics never go on the blog where I want them. Sorry!! I am too tired to spend any more time tonight to try and get them straightened out and it will probably take forever for me to figure out what I am doing incorrectly. So see you on your blogs.

These are the cards I have been working on for my sorority sisters. They are Elizabeth Bell images from Belles "n Whistles" from 2009. Got them too late to use last year. Not very fancy, but adorable in person anyway.



Your cards are lovely sorry to hear your Merry market was a bust - I guess the people are hit by the crisis more then we think!


You are doing well with those lovely cards. Get a production line going to speed things up. Make specials only for special people and the quickies for the rest.
Thanks for popping by my WOYWW from my German visit!
JoZarty x

Ali H

Hi thanks for stopping by & your kind comments - shame about your market being so poorly supported - especially when evryone makes an effort to set up stalls to raise money for a good cause ! Ali (29)

Julia Dunnit

Your booth looked great, am so sorry it was a BUST...great word! I think you just have to turn up and do 'em again and again, there's just no telling...although good advertsising is something I do make a point of asking baout before I agree to take a shot these days. Your cards look great - and slow - well, you're doing better than I!


Thankyou for stopping by my blog- it was lovely to get your comments!
I'm so sorry your market didnt go well- if its any consolation its the same all around the world! The biggest part of my business is markets ,the ones here in australia have been down by 50% for over a year now and getting worse.
Your stall loves wonderful- if i was there i would definately buy something!!!!
happy WOYWDW!
fairy best wishes leonie xx


Thanks for dropping by ...for everyones sake put names to photos and jot things down that might be useful ...I still have loads of photos that mean nothing and no one now to ask. One day others will want to know who the people are xx


What a pity no-one was spending any money! The stall looks fabulous!


Shame the stall didn't go well, it looked so lovely all ready for Christmas. Love your busy desk though, Jo is right, simple cards, production line style and special ones for just a few special people!

Brenda 90


I have had a similar stall experience to you recently and know how annoying it can be. Hope you have better luck soon and enjoy your party.

** Kate **


Sorry about the bust. Maybe a better one is just around the corner....
You sound very organized.... mailing packages already? Take all the time you want, you're already ahead!
Thx for dropping by. I posted The Card yesterday.
Have a toasty day!


Everything looks so pretty on your stall & your cards look beautiful. Hope you give it another try soon. Good luck.xx


What a pity the market didn't go well! (hug) Nice cards you have made though.... thanks for stopping by my blog.


I think everyone is struggling with craft fairs this year - and thats world wide - even as far as Tasmania - our blog friends say the same thing.

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