Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WOYWWW - #82

Well happy after Christmas and awaiting a new year! I am posting late in the day for me as I have a little job each day this week taking care of my friends' dog and two cats while they are on vacation. The doggie left me nasty presents Monday and Tuesday, but not today thank goodness. She has the same vanilla carpet as I and a "nasty" can be cleaned, but it takes time and the proper cleaning products. I have pee pads all over the place. I think Daphne is a little annoyed to be left home alone with the kitties. Anyway they are sweet and they know me so all is well.

My crafts are slowly edging their way out of the bedroom. Since my grandson is now back in the States from deployment he will be coming home on leave and I am so very, very far behind in his first deployment scrapbook, about two years, and I am feeling badly about it. So you see his scrapbook, my Cricut, as I want to write out the country name for a heading for each section.. My fruit/cake stand is full of my Elizabeth Bell stamps (used at Christmas), and my Christmas present to myself, a Butler Bag. I am still trying to get all of my special holiday plates, etc. back into their places and a pickup around the house. Good thing I live alone, although I am a little fanatic about "everything has a place and should be in its place" when not in use.

I did make it around to everyone last week, but a few would not take my comment, so if you did not receive one it is not because I didn't try. Have a safe and Happy New Year!!



Yikes, love those doggie Thanks for the peek and sharing. Happy creative crafting in the New Year.

Hugs, Marjo


Thanks for letting us peek. Love your Christmas blog template! Happy New Year! S #48


Now that's very tidy !!

Carmen Wing

Doggy surprises I am well aquainted with - unfortunately.

Good luck with catching up on your project - sounds so interesting :)

Carmen #80


hiya, thanks for the lovely comment - thought I'd have a wander over and return the favour. Such tidiness :)


Ah, little doggies left on their own! Hopefully there'll be no more surprises, nasty or otherwise. It will be nice for you to have your grandson back from his deployment, better get cracking with that album!!

Have a great New Year
Brenda 81


How wonderful that your grandson is back home. The table looks spiffy. I only discovered Elizabeth Bell this past week - her images are beautiful. Have a healthy and prosperous New Year. Haouli makahiki hou from AmberInk (#1 this week!)


Good Luck with your project...a little each day should do the trick!
Happy final WOYWW for 2010 and Happy 2011!
Susan #13

Carole Campanile

Ohhh I love your bag! Hope your project goes well. I'm betting he will love it even if it is late. :)
Thank you for stopping by my blog and telling me how you use your stamps; stick glue sounds much easier than remounting on cling. I'll give that a try before I buy more cling.
Carole (#66 I think, it keeps changing)

having a {me} day

This looks very neat and tidy and I just love your new bag! Happy New Year! keeley §61


Here's wishing you no further canine surprises. That bag is beautiful.

Happy New Year
Bernie #17


Wishing you a very happy New Year.
As a fellow reader, keep an eye on my blog in 2011 as I am planning series of book reviews of novels I have enjoyed.
Kirsty #43

Maarit at Violets Corner

Love the bag, it's fabulous, what a lovely treat to yourself. Wonderful that your grandson is back on a leave. Let the project take it's time, here's for a creative 2011!



Love your bag, and everything looks so tidy. Everything in its place is something I struggle to achieve.

Happy New Year wishes.


JoZart Designs

That's a very elegant and tidy space... too good to craft there! Thanks for popping by mine and if you want instruction for making one of the four fold cards, look on my post for 26th Nov.
Happy 2011
joZarty x

voodoo vixen

I am jealous, the bag is gorgeous and your home looks spiffingly neat and tidy!! The album looks a lovely project so I hope you get it finished in time! Happy New Year to you, Annette

akilli melek

hope you manage to catch up on the deployment project. I am working on JYC project and I'm woefully behind, but hopefully 2011 will bring my mojo back.

Happy New Year
Caroline #50


Love your tidy space - I too like everything to have a place and when I have finished with it it has to go there lol ~ thanks for stopping by my blog have a great New Year ~ Nicky 38


I'm sooo behind this week! Thanks for the peek, Happy New Year!!

(Happy WOYWW!)


Yenni Natalia

happy new year :)
it must be fun to take care of animals except the "nasty" things :)


sandra de

thanks for your kind comments about teenagers. I think you know them well! Looking forward to more peeks of your lovely workspace.
Sandra xx

Curt in Indy

I'm so glad to hear that your grandson is coming home on leave. Please hug him and thank him for me when you see him. He is a hero to me, and though I don't know him, I love him! Speaking of love, I LOVE your dining set. It is beautiful. Happy New Year to you and your family! Best, Curt

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

Yes, I know I'm late getting here. I thought I had been here, but when I had to reboot, I lost track of where I was and now it's 2011 already. Took me a whole year to reach you (grin).

Sorry to hear about the not so nice gifts left. That's a dog for you. I hope all is well, now. Looks like you are going to be busy with that scrapbook, too. Happy belated New Year and I'll see you again on Wednesday.

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