Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I managed to get to everyone's desks last week! Left comments on most of them. If I had to try and post my comment more then twice I moved on to the next.

This is not my work space of course. It has been put completely out of sight on the spare bed, now also piled with presents, so in checking the temp today I took a very poor pic of the outside of my front door The wreath on the railing has a tall birdhouse built as a church sitting to the right. No I have never had any birds as it usually is decorating some room in the house. So in loo of a desk pic I thought I would share this true story with you and hope my girl friend does not mind. When she was 3 yrs. old she woke up Christmas morning and ran to the tree. Her Mom was in the kitchen and C. went running in excitedly to tell her Mom to come quick and see what Santa had left under the tree. Her mother had given birth 10 days before (and back then you had to stay in the hospital for 10 days and also the baby had a small breathing problem), so the baby was not allowed to leave the hospital until Christmas Eve night. Now C's grandfather had been telling her that once the new baby arrived she would no longer be the little princess, which annoyed Mom a whole lot. She thought long and hard about how to counteract all the put downs about the arrival of the new baby. She did not want C. to be jealous. She finally had the thought that one could not be jealous of something you owned. So you guessed it - when the baby was brought home he was placed under the tree. So now as they are oooing and ahing over the baby, C. looks up at her Mom in her 3 yr. old innocence and asks if she has to take care of the baby all by herself? Mom smiled and told her she would help her. I loved C's mom like she was my own and she is now gone. This was the first time C. told me the whole story of her Christmas brother and it was so, so cute I just had to share. I hope you got a warm feeling, a smile on your face, and a little chuckle. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!



What a lovely story! And I love your cute decorations and your brightly painted house.

have a wonderful Christmas,
Brenda 45


What a wonderful way of handling the arrival of a new baby in the house. What a very clever mother.

Have a wonderful Christmas.


By the way, thank you for your visit and your lovely comment. The small unit of narrow shelves are now full and other stuff is finding its way into my room.


I love your little house too, Have a Lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year

Ps down sizing Digis, there is a link on my side bar for you to do it in Word (How to Resize Digi's in 'Word' By JakHeath) there's a cartoon pic of me with a pencil in my hand, click on that and it will take you to her video or once you've saved them to your computer, treat them as though they are photos'. Open with Windows meta file (WMF) and then Nero Photosnap Viewer, you can make them as small as you like, (first choice is to fit page, (big) middle choice says zoom to...percent and the third choice is original size I think... Or Photo printing Wizard. Both these came with my computer, I'm not sure if they come with every computer though, I should think they do.



Thank you for making me smile. Have a Merry Christmas! #72


That is a wonderful story. One I hope she gets to/ or has shared with her own children.


Thanks for the pic and sharing. Happy Holidays and creative crafting in the New Year.

Hugs, Marjo #5

Tuire Flemming

What a lovely story! A real wonder of the Christmas!

Love your birdhouse-church and other decorations. But looks like summer compared to our weather... :)

Merry Christmas and creative year 2011!


Love your decorations and the birdhouse. Lovely story.



Lovely story, thanks for sharing. Wishing you a lovely Christmas and creative 2011. nnaloracxx


Sweet story, and adorable birdy house, sooo cute.
Wishing you Happy Christmas :D
Minxy #4


That story is so sweet! Thank you for sharing!
I love your birdhouse/church! It looks great as part of the xmas decorations too!
Thanks for visiting me! Merry Xmas and have a very crafty New Year!
xoxo Karen


I just love your story...put a smile on my face this morning! Your shot of your home looks so cozy...I wish you a very Merry Christmas! :) Nan

Violets Corner

What a clever way to handle the arrival of the new baby, thanks for sharing. Love the birdhouse!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with love.


Love your wreath and bird house - great Christmas story - hope you had a great one ~ Nicky 52

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