Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Have a card to post, but it is on its way to my February OCS in another state, so I need to wait a few days before posting just in case she happens to look in on me. Over the weekend I finally started looking for all the card fronts I have either received personally or the ones my friend, who is a former SU Demo, gave me a long time ago. Rather then having them sitting in a box or album I decided to look through them and see if I could put them on a base card and send to "Operation Write Home". I am happy to say that has been accomplished, made some room and have sent them on to some most deserving service people to use. Usually my sorority gals help with this. So now wait until I tell them they have to start doing their own images, etc. LOL I know they will pitch in as this is one of our annual service projects for our chapter. If I had a camera I would take some pics of a few of them. I don't want to ask my son to set them all up since he is working 12 hour days again. Just went back to work from a three week lay off and another long lay off is coming up at the end of May. This is really hurting, plus my not having a job yet. Yeah, I know things are tough all over and there are people worse off then us, we are just bless that at least two of the three living in this home still have some kind of a job. Well enough rambling for now, I will post again for sure when I think my card has been received.

Hope all you Floridians have been enjoying our great sunny days this week. We certainly waited for it long enough. Be save, be happy.


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