Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WOYWW - #63

Hi everyone!! I hope Mr. Blogger is not made at me this week. I understand many of you were unable to use the comment section. A BIG thank you to those that either e-mailed me or went on the previous post to comment. How wonderful! I don't know about the computer today, it seems to be acting up already for me. Well there is not a big change on my desk today as I have been very busy typing up legal papers for a couple of people and I attended my first group meeting for my new business selling Gold Canyon Candles (they have other products also). I have my personal website set up and will put it on my sidebar, in case anyone is interested. I do need to check with the home office as I do not know if we can sell outside the states. It is probably going to be a matter of whether to they ship direct or not outside, other then Hawaii and maybe our territories.

You can see another stack of cards completed for sale at a festival and OWH. There are two H.M. images on my clipboard just about ready to place on cards. My Gold Canyon catalog, most of the rest is the usual. Hopefully by the end of the week I can get back to my cards.

I did make it around to everyone's blog, but did not leave a comment on everyone's due to time constrictions. I just want everyone to know I do see you desks, room, creations, etc. even if I do not comment. Everyone is so much more creative then me. I just can't seem to get passed doing simple cards. I keep hoping that part of me will kick in one of these days. Take care of yourselves and I will probably not start hopping around until evening. Have to go out and give my money away to those lenders and deliver the legal papers, you know all the unfun stuff in life. Take care and hope you all have a lovely rest of the week.


Serendipity Stamping

Test run.


wow spectacularly pretty cutting mat, don't ever think other people are more creative than you, your work is just as good s anybody elses. As long as you enjoy it then keep doing it.


Thanks for visiting my desk. We visited Bradington about 13 years ago on one of our many trips to Florida. It was memorable not judt for the fab beaches but also due to fight we witnessed in our hotel, between hotel staff it did make me laugh xx


agha!! I have a comment box (Lyn does a jig!!) I can't remember if I got in last week or not!! Yes, I love your purple cutting mat too, a real much have, as I really do need a new one!

Have a great WOYWW!!



Looks like you are getting everything ready to rock and roll on some new projects. Good luck with you ventures! (love the purple mat too - purple means royalty you know?)
Thanks for visiting my blog too! See you next week ;)


Love that purple cutting mat. Thanks for commenting on my blog the other week - much appreciated. Good luck wilth the venture.


thanks for sharing your crafty workspace and hope you get your blogger problems sorted out....he can be a real pain in the butt sometimes...hugs kath xxx


Love your big purple cutting mat, if my granddaughter saw it I would have to buy it for her,lucky for me she's away on holiday he he. Looks like you going to do a lot of colouring in the new few days. Is that a cricut I see in the right hand corner. Hope blogger is behaving itself today big hugs Jo.xxxx


Thanks for dropping by my blog ...I manage everyone some weeks and then dot around on the others as tryin to do everyone every week was just too much. Love that mat ...mine is boring green.


Hi there,lovely to meet you, It looks like your desk is ready to craft........good fun, I love sitting at my desk, I'm sure you do to!
Thank you for dropping by my desk, have a lovely day and Thanks for letting me peep:D xx


Hi, your desk looks very organized saying you are so busy! Good luck with your new venture. ikki

Liverpool Lou (Anne)

Thanks for the visit :-)
Love the cutting mat, so much nicer than the all-too-often-seen green! Good luck with the candles
Anne x


Lovely busy desk, I spy House Mouse images. Love the purple cutting mat... much nicer than my grotty dark green one!


A very well organized desk, love your mousies. Glad I'm not the only one have computer problems, apart from keep losing connection blogger keep freezing and I have to close down and re-start - it's exhausting lol. Good luck with your new business.
hugs Heather xx


Never think that other people are more creative than you - we all have our different styles and what is easy for some is harder for others - some people really struggle to do a nice, simple card! x


Your cards a lovely and we are all better at some things than others, I have a go but it's not always a success. I spy a Cricut on your desk, would love one but my OH said I can't have one, will keep working on him lol.

Julie's Crafty Corner

Thanks for visiting my workspace! Love your tidy workspace. I really like your work mat, nice colour.


Violets Corner

Oh I think simple cards are the most difficult to make! I always add more and more when I'm trying to make a clean and simple card :)

Love the HM stamps!



You have a nice work area. I wouldn't question your creativity. I like to think we all have a creative side. We just express it a little differently than everyone else. Plus I like to see variety. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Thanks for visiting my blog....I do know where Bradenton is. I grew up in St.Pete so it was just a hop, skip and a jump away! Cards are a wonderful way to be creative. I did a lot of them for a while then kept jumping around to other things!

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