Tuesday, August 3, 2010


On my last post I told you I had taken in two dogs that were running loose. A lady finally saw my "Found" poster on the door at the local 7/11 store and called me and gave me the street where she thought they belonged. She did not know exactly which house, so yesterday I got in my car and went looking on this street, thankfully, it was deadend two block area. I found a neighbor outside and asked if they recognized the description of the dog, actually I asked two different people. They both said the guy lets the dogs run on weekends. Got the house number and let them know I had the dogs and my phone number. About 5:30 p.m. a young lady called and asked if I had the dogs and she came right over and got them. I politely let her know that most of the people where I live would have called Animal Control, which obviously the owners never called to see if they had them. And if they had called they would have found out I had the dogs and the A.C. would have given them my number. Seems the dogs are wandering further and furthe from home each time. Right behind my house is a very busy highway and we have many accidents and roadkill everyday. So I explained that now that they knew where my house was located and I would take them in I hoped they would not return as I would have no choice but to call Animal Control. I just really wanted to get across to this family that if they

cared at all about these dogs they were going to have to take better care of them.

So no more sagas for awhile, believe me with a dog and cat of my own it was quite enough as they could NOT be put together at all. All is well. This is a terrible pic of the dogs, they just would not stay still, if they weren't jumping around, they were climbing on me - they really are so much cuter then this picture.


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