Sunday, August 1, 2010


Just a nice lazy Sunday, hot again. Yesterday two little dogs were running loose and I like a fool brought them into my screened porch hoping I could find their owners. They are so cute, but barkers and I already have a barker of my own. So last night was a nightmare. Every little noise set all three dogs off. I am going to try and get a pic to put on here, if they will stay in one place long enough, HA!

Isn't this little Enjoy card just the cutest? I had mentioned I didn't have but a couple of images to use for kids cards for Operation Write Home and our great friend Curt sent me some to color for some of my cards. A great big heartfelt hug to Curt! He i s always there to help others.
Tried for a good pic, what a chore! The dogs would NOT stay still, jumping all over me, running around, finally gave up trying to get a decent cute picture, but I did get one. Will wait until sometime tomorrow and try and get a better one to post. Riding to Northport with my girlfriend to pick up something she bought on E-bay, about a 45 min. drive so if the little darlins are still here will try for better picture or post what I have taken. One way or another they have to leave. I have my hands full with my own pets. Really don't want to turn over to the shelter!! They haven't been on the loose long. One has a collar, but no tag, the little one has nothing, but looks like she had pups recently and I hope she doesn't have babies looking for her. They are very well taken care of and well groomed. Put poster at my club house and have looked for Lost posters in stores in area, and put on Craig's List. Can't believe no one is looking for them. Well enough is this going on and on. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.


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