Tuesday, June 23, 2009


What a great weekend!! My sorority sisters and I took a 3-day weekend and stayed at a beautiful Victorian Bed & Breakfast in Mt. Dora, Florida. The host and hostess were wonderful. We went to the historic district and shopped Friday afternoon and had dinner at The Frog and Monkey Pub, a fun little place and good food. I had cottage pie. Saturday MORE SHOPPING in the historic district, didn't take enough money of course. Probably just as well. Had lunch at the Windsor Rose Tea Room. Are you beginning to think that there is a little British flavor there? That evening we went on a sunset boat ride around Lake Dora and a connecting lake and then dinner at the Gables. It was ok, but we liked the others better. When I get a picture out of my camera I will try and get it on the blog. If you are ever in the area I would recommend you stop in Mt. Dora if only for a short time. OH MY GOODNESS, I almost forgot. I went to the stamp store (yes this small town has a stamp store, with more goodies in it then Michael's (who carries not much lately in Bradenton). And the first items I looked at were stamps from My Favorite Things, which is in Eustice just a few short miles from Mt. Dora. Imagine my surprise and delight. Any who, hope I can go back to this store again. They even offered to do a class for us if we could let them know in advance when we would be there. Isn't that generous of them (The Stamping Station). I bought some things I haven't been able to find and they carry some things I want, but they were out of stock. Need more days like those and get away from th real world for awhile.


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