Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hi everyone, how are you all. I had planned on working on my OCS today until I started looking for the die I had planned to use and discovered I had returned it to my girlfriend, so I either have to reborrow or come up with a new design, urrrr. I had posted the painted statues of the horses in the Ocala town square and am going to try and get the other one on here today, remember these were taken in the dark so not a clear as could be during the day.

I have been thinking about offering some candy, but I really don't have enough people visit me and leave comments, so until the day I receive at least 20 comments I don't think it will work. So leave a comment good, bad or indifferent. I welcome any hints or suggestions. I realize I am a very simple cardmaker as I don't really have the income to spend like some of you fortunate peeps, so I have to make do with what I have. Not complaining just stating the facts. So if you visit just leave a little ditty for me and I will see what I can pull together. Going to be another hot day in Florida, at least the evenings cool of a lttle bit.


Curt in Carmel

These statues are amazing! What beautiful artwork. I love these. Thanks for thinking to share them. Here's my "little ditty". . .would you like for me to send you some stamped images? I'd certainly be glad to do so. Just let me know! Best, Curt

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